Nimki Mukhiya 5 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Tettar Shoves Annaro From Stairs

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 5 August 2019 Episode Written Update on

Today date is 5th August 2019 and day is Monday which is 1st day of the week. What happened in today Nimki Mukhiya 5 August 2019 Episode? check out a latest written update: Episode begins, Sweeti shouts and says leave her place. Jewel says leave her. Tettar pushes her. Rekha says she is pregnant. Ritu says what do we give it a second thought. Nimki says Babu won’t leave you. In the event that anything transpires Annro would be a widow as well. Annaro says I would have my child back.

Rekha says she is pregnant please stop. try not to murder her in this condition. Anaro you’re a lady. Annaro says she needs beyond words. Sweeti shouts and says leave her, please. Tettar opens the entryway and takes Sweeti out as well. He says today you likewise will be rebuffed for my affront. Sweetis says you can rebuff me yet on the off chance that anything happens to Nimki and her tyke Babbbu would execute you. Precious stone takes a stab at sparing Sweeti. Tettar pushes her.

Scene #2:

Tettar goes into his room. Sweeti hurries to Nimki. Rekha says she is dying. Sweeti says precious stone jharya get your vehicle. We need to take her to the medical clinic. Tettar says on the off chance that anybody contacts her I would cut your hands. Sweeti says you can do what you need. You are a creature. In the event that anything happens to Nimki Babu would execute and I would murder this annaro. How about we go precious stone.

Nimki Mukhiya 5 August 2019

They pick Nimki. Babu comes in. Babbu is stunned. He shouts Nimki. Sweeti says Babu where were you. Tettar did this. He hit her. Babu shoots toward tettar. He runs. Sweeti says gives up to medical clinic first. Babbbu says Tettar I would murder you. Sweeti and Babu race to the emergency clinic.

Scene #3:

Mauha says to Ramla you make the paratha. I would make the pulao. Nimki cherishes it. Ramla says you can make what you need for her. She would be so cheerful. Mauha says have you included flavors? Ramla says yes. Both of your sisters live joyfully. Babu has changed as well. Mauha says she prefers harsh things nowadays.

Mono enriches birthday inflatables. Sweeti says it isn’t her birthday. Mono says we couldn’t praise that day. Tune says we would praise both of you sisters today. Mauha says daddy would be so cheerful for Nimki’s kid. Mono says would you let her go? Mauha says I would converse with her throughout the night. Ramla says Ram would be so cheerful today. Mauha says Tune call Babbu and ask where they are.

A tune calls Babbu. Babbu lets him know everything. Tune is in stun. Mauha says what was the deal? Tune says Nimki. Mauha says what. Sweeti and Babbu surge nimki to the clinic. Babbu says please pick up the pace. The specialist says she is in such a terrible condition. Babu is concerned. He looks in. Specialists begin the treatment. Sweeti says Babu handle yourself. Babu says I would torch that house on the off chance that anything happens to her.

Ritu calls somebody and says in legislative issues you should realize how to turn mishaps to support you. Does precious stone say who are you conversing with? Ritu says so you would ask me? Precious stone says you didn’t do appropriate to bhabhi. Does Ritu say bhabhi? Precious stone says babbu won’t’ leave you. Ritu says I would deal with it. She tumbled from the stairs. Precious stone says what. You and Tettar hit her. Tettar slaps Diamond and says is babbu your father now? Jewel says you didn’t do right?

Tettar says didn’t you see what she did to me. She turned my child and little girl against me. Annaro says for what reason are you yelling. Tettar says he is attempting to be Babbu now. Annaor says go to your room and stay there. Jhariya calls Tettar and tells his something. Tettar says nimki is basic. Babbu has lost his brain, said he would consume the house. Precious stone says I let you know, he won’t leave you. Precious stone leaves in resentment. Ritu says I trust it doesn’t get muddled.

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