Nimki Mukhiya 4 May 2019 Written Update – Still Nimki is Mad About Cinema?

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 4 May 2019 Written Update on

Nimki prepares Rubina. Mauha says she looks extraordinary. Rubina says for what reason did you prepare me? Nimki says we will prod young men as they do. Muaha says what? Nimki says alright no. Muaha gets a call from Abhi. Abhi says we need to meet Sinha. Nimki says I am occupied, I need to trap a person, she closes call. Mai shouts for Babbu. Babbu goes to her. Mai says I saw a dream that Babbu went to imprison. Ritu says he is here. Mai says all of you went to meet clergyman, what did he say? Ritu says he said no to us yet don’t stress.

Tettar says nothing will happen to Babbu. Sweety comes there with medication. Ritu says you came here to give her prescription or take the news? Sweety says I dislike you, she gives her prescription. Mai asks Sweety to prepare sustenance. Sweety gestures and leaves. Mai says I will execute that Nimki, accomplish something. Ritu says there is just a single way, on the off chance that we trap some relative of Nimki as she did to Dublo then something should be possible. Mai says take her sister Mauha or Tunee.

Rubina, Nimki and Tunee comes to advertise. Babbu and Ritu come there as well. Nimki is shopping with Rubina. Ritu see Nimki with a young lady and says who is she? Babbu says I don’t know. Ritu says don’t do anything, simply observe dramatization. He indicates his goons. Tunee sees Salman coming in market. He drives him on Rubina. Rubina falls on Salman. Nimki snickers and says what’s going on with you? All look on. Babbu says Tunee pushed him on her.

Nimki says he purposely fell on her, snap his picture. Tunee does. Salman gets up and helps Rubina. Salman says I didn’t do it purposely. Rubina says let it be. Nimki says he was endeavoring to play with you. Salman says I wouldn’t do it with her, she is a decent young lady. Nimki says Rubina says you like him as well? She becomes flushed. Nimki says influence her to eat frozen yogurt to make her disposition fine. Nimki and Tunee leave. Goons get Tunee and takes him from that point.

Tunee is conveyed to godown. Babbu and Ritu comes there. Ritu says we simply need to talk. Tunee says what do you need?

Nimki glances around and says dont know where Tunee is. Salman says I will leave now. He leaves. Rubina and Nimki begins purchasing adornments. Salman covers up and grins at Rubina. Nimki sees him and gets him out, she makes Salman pick hoop for Rubina. Nimki approaches Salman to pay for her. He does. Rubina says to Nimki that you did this according to design? Nimki chuckles. Nimki sees Babbu’s jeep from that point.

Ritu says to Tunee that you can turn into our observer. Tunee snickers. Ritu says truth is that you need cash, you cannot return to Delhi, you have to wed yet dont have cash, young lady cannot remain without cash. Babbu says you cannot remain Nimki’s canine. Tunee says individuals will call you hound soon. Babbu focuses weapon at him. Tunee says I comprehended your goal, what you individuals imagine that I would change my side for some cash? Stop us on the off chance that you can.

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