Nimki Mukhiya 24 June 2019 Written Update – Babbu Beats Ritu & Tells Family

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 24 June 2019 Written Update on

Babbu gets enthusiastic. Mai comes there and sees sonography. She slaps Jhariya and asks Babbu to consume them, he says leave it be. Mai says there ought to be no character of that child here, Babbu reluctantly consumes the photographs. Muaha requests that Mono accompany her. He says no. Dumri requests that he hear her out. Mono says I will play with Nimki’s child. Mauha says don’t know to be cheerful or not. Tunee comes there and cries. Does Mono ask what was the deal? Muaha goes to him.

Nimki Mukhiya 24 June 2019

Tunee says I am powerless, Nimki is in agony, she just demonstrates to us that she is solid. Nimki comes there. Tunee says she was solid and battling everybody except this infant. I think Nimki will breakdown this time. Nimki comes to him and says what is this? you are making everybody passionate so all deal with me. She approaches Tunee to take her for nourishment. Deal with me in the event that you think I am breaking.

Tunee says would you say you are certain? Nimki says I believe you will discover something. She leaves with Tunee. Muaha says don’t realize who was imagining between them. Babbu is drinking wine with his companions. One person says my significant other brought forth a child. Jhariya requests that he stop it and says individuals saying Abhi will raise Babbu’s infant. Babbu snatches him and says what are you saying? Companion says you ought to complete DNA verify its not your child. Babbu blows up and heads out.

Nimki Mukhiya 24 June 2019

Nimki and Tunee are on the street. Nimki is eating frozen yogurt and asks Tunee to perk up. Tunee says I don’t like to see you like this, despite everything you have time. Nimki looks on. Babbu is driving from that point and sees Nimki with Tunee. Tunee asks Nimki to tune in. Nimki says take me home. She sits on his bicycle and heads out. Babbu is furious and tails them. He reviews Nimki offending him and beating him in town. He heads out to the opposite side.

Ritu is getting out of hand with Sweety. She attempts to leave the room yet he slaps her and says who carry on along these lines with her better half? lie on the bed, I don’t like when you talk and content. He tosses her on the bed. Babbu returns home and is tanked. He hears Sweety’s voice from the room and begins going there. Sweety says to Ritu that you assault me every day. Ritu says I am attempting to offer beneficiary to this house, you need town’s infant to run here? Sweety says that blood is superior to yours.

Ritu slaps her and says you think I assault you? Sweety says you assault me day by day. Babbu sees this from outside. Ritu says to Sweety that I will assault you today, he slaps her. Babbu comes inside the room and pushes Ritu away. Does Ritu say who comes in his sister’s room this way? Babbu slaps Ritu and says you compel yourself on my sister? Do you assault my sister? How could you? Sweety looks on.

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