Nimki Mukhiya 22 May 2019 Written Update – Ramla can play a key role

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 22 May 2019 Written Update on

This case wakes up my conscience. He says I will be unhappy that due to the machine you couldn’t get justice. According to all witnesses, Babu would is free from the allegations. Nimki is dazed. Babbu heaves a sigh of relief. He smiles at Nimki. Judge says this court docket asks you to rethink your married life. You can enchantment in excessive court docket towards the verdict. The court is adjourned. Nimki stands there in shock. Tettar and Babbu celebrate.

Nimki Mukhiya 22 May 2019

Tune says Babbu Singh select the phone. Babu comes home. Tune says I did what you asked. Please don’t damage them. Tettar says who was once it? Babbu says Tune. Ritu says now inform what you did. Babu says I did what I had to. He calls a diamond and says we gained the case. Leave them. Ritu says go away who? Babu says we won those things only. Tune cries.

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