Nimki Mukhiya 2 April 2019 Written Update – Tettar looks at Nimki

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 2 April 2019 Written Update on

Nimki says this could be your last holi. Babu leaves in indignation. Nimki and sweeti grin. Babbu says to Tettar on account of you she is having a great time here. Tettar says simply pause and watch. Mono says for what reason did you let her go. ramla says we ought to have run with her. Mauha says let me call tune. Mauha calls Tune. He is tanked. e says we are having a ton of fun here. Mauha says he is stating he had a ton of fun. Mono says I need to go as well.

Nimki says to Dablo lets have thandai. He says to Annaro Nimki will give me thandai. Ritu blends something in thandai. Tettar takes a gander at Nimki. He says to Jai please remain. He says sweetie mastermind lunch for him. Nimki takes the girl from Dabo. Jhariya takes it. Nimki takes it once more from him. Abhi’s bicycle has broken. He says what should I do.

Nimki is hitting the dance floor with everybody. She takes the glass and doesn’t drink. Ritu says it would be enjoyable. Ismail says Nimki is administering this haveli. He says call it attacker haveli now. They giggle at Babbu. Nimki sees poison. She sees Nimki with glass.

Ritu takes Sweeti to the room and bolts her there. Sweeti endeavors to open the entryway. She understands he blended it. Nimki offers thandai to Dablo. He is going to drink it. Sweeti endeavors to open the entryway. Dablo takes a gander at Annaro and goes to her. He says you asked her not to contact anything in the house. Presently observes she will drink thandai in this glass. Nimki says no you drink. Dablo is going to make her beverage it. Abhi comes there.

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