Nimki Mukhiya 14 May 2019 Written Update – Next Hearing Can be Helpful?

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Tune says Nimki will get worn out one day. Things are about her life now. Abhi says if Babbu is rebuffed tettar will be after Nimki. Tune says remove Nimki from her. One day this will end. It would be ideal if you go from here. Try not to stress over here. I will deal with Mauha and mono. Nimki comes and says what are both of you discuss. Nimki says Tune would you say you are crying? Tune says no. We were simply talking. I was stating once the case closes, both of you ought to go some place for an excursion. Nimki says so you and Mauha and can assume control over this house.

Tune says yes I will. Abhi says what are you saying Abhi. Nimki says you can’t conceal your stress from me. I won’t flee from my property on account of somebody’s dread. Abhi leaves. Tettar returns home. annaro says what are we going to do? Guarantee me Babu won’t go to imprison. e says Babbu won’t. I won’t win races on the off chance that he goes to prison and I won’t give that a chance to occur. Annaro is stupified. Tettar says nothing is increasingly significant that my legislative issues and power.

Nimki Mukhiya 14 May 2019

Nimki plays ludo with everybody. They battle. Nimki says the genuine snake previously bit me. Ramla says yes world is brimming with snakes. Nimki says however there are stairs as well. sinha comes. Nimki says is everything alright? Sinha says all of you need to come in the consultation. Nimki says what will he inquire. Sinha says he will get some information about Nimki and Babbu’s marriage. Ramla says imagine a scenario where I state something incorrectly. Sinha says we need to unhesitatingly reply.

Nimki says Tettar is arranging something. Sinha says he is endeavoring to purchase individuals. Like he endeavored to get me as well. Nimki says what. He says yes yet I am faithful to my calling. Ritu says to Babbu Mahatu will give articulation to support you. Tettar says we will win the case. Rekha catches. Tettar gets a call from Krishna. He says nobody babbu didn’t do anything. Krishna hangs up in resentment.

Dablo says to Sweeti I don’t have the foggiest idea what do. What are they arranging. Rekha comes and says please leave this now. They are as of now keeping you in this house after what you did Nimki will leave this case. Dablo says get out. Sweeti says I am stressed what are they arranging. Dablo says she merits equity.

Ramla says what will Shankar ask us. Mono says let me play Shankar. Tune asks should young ladies remain in their points of confinement? Ramla is terrified. She says I dread I don’t make any mischief you. Nimki says you can never do that. Nimki says tune you practice as well. Tune practices. Mauha asks what is your connection with Nimki?

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