Nimki Mukhiya 12 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Who Brings Tettar’s Election Poster?

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 12 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

Something terrible is going to happen in today Nimki Mukhiya 12 July 2019 Episode, check what’s new? here is latest Nimki Mukhiya 12 July 2019 written update and episode begins.

Scene #1

Nimki says for what reason did all of you hold up? Parbatya get a plate. Amaro says how could you sit. Wouldn’t you be able to see everybody’s eating? Tettar says take her from here. Annaro says never stay here. Babu says sweetie give her plate. Annaro is going to toss her plate. Babbu says to leave it.

Nimki will eat here. Annaro says ladies don’t stay here and eat with men Babbu says now they would. Sweetie, you sit as well. Tettar says who is this young lady to us. Babbu says who is this Ritu to us? He isn’t even a man. Annaro says this young lady needs to go out. Babbu says so has Ritu raj.

Nimki Mukhiya 12 July 2019 Episode

Go before you get slaughtered. Ritu says please no. He races to his room. Nimki says we should go, Babu. Parbatya get me a pickle. Does Rekha say she came here for this? Sweetie says better believe it to demonstrate Ritu his value. Rity is irate in his room. Nimki comes. He says what are you doing here. She says water for you. He says it’s unfilled. Nimki says you look great in worker quarter.

Scene #2

There are mouses here. Ritu says what do you need. What is your value? You accompanied a man who assaulted you and offended you. How might you excuse him? Nimki says you take care of business. I know you’re insightful. Utilize your psyche, think about what am I here for. Extramarital undertaking? He says is this an image. Nimki says you never disillusion me with your foulness. Nimki says you better escape this house before you’re offended.

Nimki Mukhiya 12 July 2019 Episode

You are will be embarrassed all over the place. Ritu giggles. Nimki says this isn’t a joke. Tettar and babbu would join together and you would have no place to go. Ritu says your Babbu can’t do anything. Tettar is with me. When he wins the race, I will get you and Babbu kicked out.

Nimki says I won’t let him win. Ritu says we will see. Nimki says I cherish your certainty. You see so far that you fall in the jettison near you. He says this time Tettar would be MLA. Nimki says all the best. We will check whether he progresses toward becoming MILA or you become a pooch.

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