Nimki Mukhiya 12 April 2019 Written Update – Nimki Hangs Up

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 12 April 2019 Written Update on

Nimki says where is Ganesh. Abhi says let me glance around. Ritu says imagine a scenario where he doesn’t show up. Nimki says he is from ghat tola. Nimki calls Tune. Mauha says let me address her. Nimki hangs up. Tune says Ganesh is absent. Mauha says will he be imprisoned today? Nehar says I don’t trust Ganes. It will require some investment. Ismail comes. Tune says you look stressed. He says Rubina’s in-laws were coming.

I asked them not to. So they are a bit irate. Does tUne say for what reason did you ask them not to come? He says Nimki is my girl as well. Nimki says to Abhi where is Ganesh. The conference proceeds. Judge says Sinha calls you witness. Judge says where is he? Nimki says he should come. Sinha says his stomach was vexed. Ganesh comes and says I am here. Sinha says welcome. He goes to observe box. He pledges on Geeta. Sinha says you saw babbu escape from Nimki’s home right? What did you see?

Ganesh is quiet. Ritu waves at him. Ganesh is befuddled and frightened. Ganesh says Babbu that night was running from indirect access. Ritu and Babbu are entranced. shankar says what is he saying. Does Judge say an? Ganesh says he was irate. His face told that he accomplished something. He rushed to his home from that point. Does Sinha say for what reason would somebody keep running from the second passage on the off chance that he came to meet his significant other?

Ganesh says he never cames to get some information about her wellbeing. Indeed, even after Ram’s demise. Shankar says Tettar asked Nimki to move in his home once more. This young lady was in power. She would not like to regard anybody. Does Shankar say what were you doing behind Ram’s home? Ganesh says I went to pick seats. There were additional seats. Shankar says how could you convey seats? Shankar says when you conveyed seat possibly Nimki waved Babbu in that time. It was before your eyes.

You couldn’t see Nimki however Babbu. Sinha says he is befuddling Ganesh. Babbu’s chest was dying. Nimki wounded him. Does Shankar say bring that blade? They just cherished. Judge asks controller ays he says I never discovered any blade or scissors. Abhi says I picked it. Shankar says Sinha is lying. Does Shankar say how were his garments? Does he say you can’t review it?

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