Nimki Mukhiya 10 May 2019 Written Update – Today is Rubina’s Nikkah

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 10 May 2019 Written Update on

Abhi and Sinha come to Nimki. Sinha says Annaro completed a misstep my coming here. We can make Ramla and other individuals witness as well. Ramla says me as well? Sinha says simply cry a bit I will disclose to you what to state. shankar calls Sinha. Does Shankar say bhabhi ji was going out? Sinha says was going to class. Shankar says it makes me pitiful to see your family not notwithstanding having a vehicle. Shankar says not every person has a destiny like you. Sinha says we as a whole compose our destinies. Shankar says I will give you quite a lot of cash simply pull back from this case. Nimki is carrying on with her life in any case.

Sinha says I will converse with you. Nimki says is everything alright? He says I need to go. Does Abhi say Shankar said something? Sinha says no I need to go. Does Abhi say the end result for him? Nimki says let him go. It’s Nikkah of Rubina such a significant number of arrangements are left. Babbu ponders annaro crying. Jhariya says would you say you are alright? Babu hits him and says for what reason did you take amma there? Jhariya says first she made you wear bangle and now slapped your mother. Babu says I won’t abandon her. Jharya says yet tettar asked you not to do anything.

Nikkah begins. Nimki says Rubina you look so lovely. Abhi comes. Nimki endeavors to talk in Urdu. He says how would you do such things. He says you have arranged so well. Tune says Assalam walaikum Nimki. Is there something else you might want us to mastermind? Nimki says Ganesh prepare things. Tettar sees Annaro. He says what’s going on with you. You harmed your hand as well. Mahatu will give proclamation in court. When he does, Babu will be free from this case.

Salman and his family come. Ismail invites them. Nimki says where is Salman? Salman comes. Nimki says stay there. Mono says molvi sahab is coming. Salman’s nikkah is completing. Nimki says abhi can be the second observer to the Nikkah. Nimki says would you have an issue? ismail says no I am thankful he is an observer. Abhi says to know somebody you need to live with them. Else, you just become more acquainted with what individuals let you know. Jhariya says Babbu has gone someplace. Annaro says he more likely than not gone to do it. Tettar says what do you mean. This can’t occur. Babu will be condemned to death. Annaro says he will murder Nimki.

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