Nazar 6 February 2020 Episode Written Update – Ansh breaks the branch

Mohana says Ansh, this is Vidya and her folks. They are searching for a person for their little girl. I met them in the area. I realize you don’t have any acquaintance with her. You can meet her and let me know. Come here. Ansh says I am fine. Piya is watching out. Mohana says would you like to ask Vidya anything? Ansh says no. Ansh says to everybody what is Mohana doing? Piya would be so distraught. I can’t wed to live this falsehood. We need to disclose to Mohana that Piya is as yet my significant other.

Shekhar says we will discover an exit plan. You ought to go to Piya. Piya has tied Vidya with trees. Ansh says what is this Piya? Piya says I don’t care for anybody taking my things. Ansh says she would kick the bucket. Piya says I couldn’t care less. Ansh says this can’t be you. Piya says it’s me. She ties his legs. Ansh breaks the branch and spares Vidya.

Saavi returns with the person. Naman says you look upbeat. She says it’s a similar person. He lives in the US. I will move there. It is anything but a poorly conceived notion. He’s a pleasant person. There shouldn’t be an issue. Naman says so you would leave all of us?

Nazar 6 February 2020 Episode Written Update

Vedeshree says what’s going on with Piya? Ansh says she has been acting bizarre since we came back from the wilderness. The tree was reviled. Piya can’t hurt anybody. Ansh says I have told Nishant. He’s finding an answer. Ansh says express gratitude toward God Adi and Pari didn’t see Piya like that. Shekhar says you ought to be with Piya. We will deal with Mohana.

An animal presents to Nishant a stem of a similar tree. Chaitali says I blended the prescription in the milk. Mohana says what prescription? Vedeshree says Shehar’s drug. Mohana says Vidya and her family left. I don’t have the foggiest idea. We will discover another family. I have welcomed our neighbors we would disclose to them we are searching for a young lady.

Ansh says Piya we should go to the room. She says there are no plants there. I would prefer not to be without plans. Piya says I have an inclination that I can do anything. he says we will bring the genuine you back. He takes Piya to the room. Does Piya say for what reason would you say you are so terrified of Mohana? You’re such a washout Davansh. Mohana comes there. Piya stows away. Mohana says I heard a young lady’s voice. Ansh says I was viewing a video.

Nishant attempts to do the test on the stem. The stem consumes his lab. Does Nishant say what was that? For what reason did it attempt to consume the witch book? I should attempt to find out about it. The book shows Mohana’s face. Nishant says is Mohana identified with this? How? He sees Vishalika’s face as well.

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