Nazar 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Ansh Sees & Burns her

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Piya embraces Adi. She says the hoop spared him. Piya says give me my hoop. Mohana says I left it there. Piya says Ansh would see it. Mohana says I didn’t have time. Piya says Ansh can come here. Mohana says he better does. He will slaughter you. They all go from that point. Ansh comes. Ansh asks nishant where is piya? He says I am working. Ansh says I realize she is here. Nishant says go get her at that point. Ansh sees mohana in casing. He says that implies Mohana wasn’t doing all that. It was Piya.

She brought adi here. Nishant says she isn’t here. Piya is covered up.. Nishant says I can enable you to discover her. We should go from here. Ansh feels something. He pulls Piya. He says never realized you would stoop this low. Piya says let us go. He says give me Adi. Piya cuts him. Ansh tumbles down. Nishant says run Piya we don’t have another alternative.

Nazar 5 July 2019

They keep running from that point. Mohana turns out. Ansh takes the blade out. Police come and says to Naman your significant other completed a homicide. You can’t go anyplace. Carry her to us or we can capture you. Ansh says what is this? I didn’t do anything. I will let you know whether I see my better half.

Nishan has adi. Piya requests that they run. Ansh is searching for Piya. Ansh says Piya. He turns out. Namna says for what reason did you run? Sanam says I was terrified. I didn’t murder anybody. Naman says then who slaughtered her. Chitali says to Avi bhabhi’s condition is deteriorating. Shekhar says I can’t pardon piya for what she did. Chitali says she stole her own child? Nishant says she did this to spare him. Mohana took him to Piya. Does Nishant say for what reason would she tune in to piya?

Nishant says I will let you know everything. Shekhar says to spare vedeshree piya yielded everything? She even made tracks in the opposite direction from her kid. We were so off-base. Avi says I trust their misconception clears. Vedeshree’s condition compounds. nishant says just that fluid that Mohana had can spare her.

Naman asks dil ruba when did you go to the cavern? She says I thought it was mausi somebody was tailing me there. It was a heel sound. Does Naman say who might it be able to be? Ama says it was a lady? Naman says we need to go there to discover her.

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