Nazar 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Ansh flies & grabs her

Written Update: Nazar 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Nishant and Saanvi meet Piya in the wilderness. They demonstrate her witch mountain which is hanging there. Nishant says Mohana more likely than not concealed Vedsheree’s spirit container here. Piya says we need to reach there to get it. Nishant says it is difficult, fiendish forces are there and we cannot reach effectively.

Piya utilizes her forces to assault it yet it doesn’t move. Nishant says it not excessively simple. Piya says I won’t lose trust. She breaks witch mountain utilizing her capacity. They see container they need hanging there. Does Nishant say who can achieve it? Piya reviews Ansh flying and says Ansh can do it. Ansh breaks things in annoyance and says we don’t need devik here. Piya calls him however he doesn’t get.

Nazar 4 July 2019

Mohana goes to Nishant’s home and advises Piya to not attempt to contact Ansh and his family, for what reason would you say you were calling him? Piya looks on. Does Mohana say you thought I wouldn’t know? Flashback indicates how she utilized her forces to hear all that they talk about in the house. Mohana says to Piya that acknowledge your annihilation, why dont you leave this city?

I am burnt out on observing your crying face. Piya says I am prepared to leave this city however I have a condition, I need my child, I won’t leave without him. Dilruba comes to give in and sees adornments there. She says this is all mine. Mausi is attempting to head inside however somebody strikes her. Mohana says to Piya that I will do it on the off chance that it makes you leave this city.

Mohana leaves Ansh’s home to take Adi. Inside Ansh says to Shekhar says my heart doesn’t acknowledge this. He feels Piya’s quality and leaves from that point. Mohana comes to Adi and says gives up. Adi is the fate of stone. Mohana utilizes Piya’s stud and says your mom sent it. Ansh hears the commotion and says why I feel Piya is here? Adi? He goes to his room and sees Adi missing. He sees Piya’s stud and says she took Adi from that point?

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