Nazar 30 May 2019 Written Update – Piya & Adi out of car

Written Update: Nazar 30 May 2019 Written Update on

Nishant says to Vedsheree that he needs to incapacitated, on the off chance that he isn’t, at that point he will wind up one and he will live like that forever. Chitali asks Vedsheree to call Ansh and ask him to rebound, she calls him however he doesn’t get. She calls Piya.

Genuine Ansh is glancing around for Adi and Piya, he cannot see their vehicle and glances around. Does he yell Piya on the off chance that you can hear me? Piya doesn’t hear him. She reviews Adi move from articles.

She reveals to Adi that leaves here so Ansh can see you. Adi leaves the vehicle and sits on the ground. Ansh doesn’t see him. Adi returns the vehicle. Piya requests that he return.

Nazar 30 May 2019

Vedsheree and Chitali come to stop too however cant discover Ansh and Piya. Piya gives her saree material to Adi and asks him to it on the ground. Adi does and returns in the vehicle. Ansh discovers fabric piece.

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