Nazar 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Piya is Running in Jungle

Written Update: Nazar 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Mohana says I knew Ansh would complete a misstep without Piya and he did. She sends her flame circle which encompasses Ansh. Mohana says Ansh is in my snare now, you cannot give your wings as they are not yours but rather you can leave them and I will do that.

She utilizes her forces to ignite Ansh’s wings develop and. Ansh shouts in torment. Mohana says no one is going to stop me now. Piya comes there and gets her to end her capacity. Piya says you figured you could escape me? I satisfied my guarantee yet you need to give Vedsheree’s spirit container to me.

Nazar 3 July 2019

Mohana believes that on the off chance that fire stops around Ansh, at that point I wont get wings. Piya says to Mohana that I left my family for that container, offer it to me. Chitali says we need Piya to stop this flame. Ansh says no, Piya doesnt have connection with us any longer, we need to live without devik now.

Piya says to Mohana that I dont have anything to lose so give me that container. Mohana pushes her away and begins utilizing her forces. Ansh shouts and breaks free from circle. Piya requests container once more. Mohana says you lost your significant other and family however I am not going to give you that har. She leaves. Ansh says to family that we dont need devik, we need to live like this now.


Dilruba comes to room and sees imli. She says I can eat calmly now. She leaves room chuckling. Mausi stows away and sees it. Naman awakens and sees Dilruba gone. Dilruba says today is greatest night and I can see diamonds now. She comes to wilderness. Naman is scanning for her. Dilruba goes to a cavern which is being ensured by bats, she gives them imli and sees pearls sparkling from cavern. Mausi covers up and sees it.

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