Nazar 27 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Mohana would want to kill me?

Written Update: Nazar 27 November 2019 Episode Written Update on

Piya stops the children. Ansh says for what reason did you stop them it was enjoyable. Piya says our children are battling and you were thinking that its good times? This could change their lives. he says our children are courageous and solid. Piya says what’s up with you. Is there anything upsetting you please let me know. He says stop your dramatization. An requested that the children do this show.

He said Mohana would need to murder me. Adi said we can say sorry. Pari said we can, in any event, tell mom. Ansh said no, I revealed to both of you simply because I knew both of you are bold. Will you both assistance me? Part stated, yes daddy we will support you. Adi said yes father. Ansh embraced them both.

Nazar 27 November 2019 Episode Written Update

Ansh says stop your dramatization Piya. He leaves. Dilruba goes to a cavern. She sees Naman tied there. Dilruba says who did this to you? He says I was searching for Ansh. Go from here. Mohana comes there and says who else could this? Naman says Dlruba run. She says no I won’t disregard you. Does Mohana say such love for your better half? This world just parts darlings.

I dislike them. I can leave your better half. Be that as it may, you need to accomplish something for me. Ansh goes to his room. Piya comes there. Piya says you need to come clean with me. I realize you feel remorseful however I don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason are you doing this. Disclose to me what was the deal? He says why not ask your father. Ansh leaves. Piya calls Nishant.

Nazar 27 November 2019

Dilruba turns out and says Naman is fine. He is in there. He needs to remain here, he can’t accompany us. Savi and Nishant leave. Piya is at Nishant’s place. She lets him know everything. Nishant says Ansh has gotten Mohana’s dark forces. Does Piya say for what reason didn’t you let me know? Savi says daddy called you the previous evening.

Vedeshree calls Piya and says return home if you don’t mind Ansh pursues Adi. He throttles Adi over the overhang. Piya says Ansh leave Adi, it would be ideal if you Ansh says alright. He leaves Adi. Adi tumbles from the gallery. Everybody shouts. Part spares him and runs. Adi claims to b blacked out. Piya says, Adi. I can’t accept this. Adi, please open your eyes. Dilruba says for what reason did Adi do this? Mohana says you do what I asked you to. Would you like to see your significant other alive or not?

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