Nazar 27 June 2019 Written Episode Update – She is About to Attack Vedsheree

Written Update: Nazar 27 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

Piya argues Mohana to leave Vedsheree. Mohana says OK I will leave her however you need to leave Ansh and his family, leave from them. She is going to assault Vedsheree yet Piya says I concur with your arrangement. Ansh goes to Vedsheree’s room and doesn’t see Piya there.

He goes to her cafeteria and says why you disregarded her? Piya says I was drained, it is anything but a major ordeal, return to her. She leaves from that point crying. Ansh is stunned. Nishant comes to Piya and asks what was the deal? Piya reviews how Mohana advised her to not do any misstep or else Vedsheree will bite the dust as rake connection is as yet alive.

Nazar 27 June 2019

Nishant says I became more acquainted with about Ansh and your battle, in the event that its something different, at that point let me know. Vedsheree is on wheel seat. The specialist says she is out of risk so we can take her home. Piya covers up

from them. Vedsheree gets some information about her. Ansh says she went for release papers, all of you go. They leave. Piya cries seeing them. Family is dealing with Vedsheree at home however she continues requesting Piya. Shekhar says Ansh call her.

Piya reviews Mohana’s arrangement and is strained. Ansh goes to her in their room and says don’t recognize what is in your heart, it would be ideal if you accompanied me and meet Maa. Does Piya say you don’t know what I need? I need my space. Ansh says what are you saying?

Nazar 27 June 2019

Piya says you generally continue caring for your mom, you don’t care for your better half, I need to live independently, I need space and house for myself and my child. Ansh says I am stunned to see this is you. Piya says this is a reality, consider it. She leaves from that point.

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