Nazar 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Vedsheree asks Ansh

Written Update: Nazar 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update on

Pari sees Adi dangling from the overhang. She climbs the structure like Ansh and requests that he give his hand to her. He moves towards her yet tumbles down. Pari holds him with her twist and cuts him down. Urvashi goes ahead gallery and sees Adi gone. Adi says thanks to Pari and educates her concerning an abhorrent lady attempting to turn into his mother. Pari says we will show her a thing or two.

Naman comes in the wilderness and sees footmarks going towards patal cascade. He hops inside cascade and sees Saanvi and Nishant burrowed inside a burrow. Naman says let me spare you. Family is stressed over Adi however he returns. Ansh says were stressed over you. Adi says I have quit stressing so dont stress. Urvashi thinks he was terrified and now he is grinning? Pari stows away in the kitchen and offers him a go-ahead. Mohana says to Urvashi that find out what he is upto.

The family goes ahead overhang for customs. Pari comes there and sits with children. Vedsheree sees her reviews Piya used to draw on pots like her. Adi indicates Urvashi to Pari and says she is insidious one. Urvashi says I will help Adi. Pari leaves from that point. Urvashi says hello there Adi, sit. He is terrified. Urvashi says how could you hop from gallery?

in the event that you don’t disclose to me truth, at that point I will toss you from overhang this time, dont tell anybody, additionally, I will break that handi so dont even attempt, she leaves. Pari alludes to Adi. Adi assembles mental fortitude and says to Urvashi that imagine a scenario in which you are not ready to break the handi.

Does Urvashi say you believe that? on the off chance that that occurs, at that point, I will leave your and Ansh’s life. Naman is breaking the ice on the ground with a blade however its not working. Saanvi says look behind. Kayan’s mesh gets him. Naman cuts it with pata blade. Nishant punches ice ground and breaks it.

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