Nazar 26 November 2019 Written Update – Ansh Detains Mohana

Written Update: Nazar 26 November 2019 Written Update on

Nishant says this wasn’t right. Savi says Mohana has undermined them. Nishant says a witch’s risk can’t be messed with particularly when her heart is harmed. At the point when she returns, we will see her face when we have never observed. She was narrow-minded to such an extent that she was prepared to murder her very own child for her age.

She began to look all starry eyed at. Her adoration was taken from her, she will sob for the next 24 hours. In those 24 hours her vengeance consumes. We have today just, to stop her. Piya says to Ansh, we have this evening just to stop Mohana. Tomorrow she will be so irate, she will demolish everything. Daddy revealed to me that. She will come to render retribution from you tomorrow.

Nazar 26 November 2019 Written Update

Ansh says I am not frightened of her. Vedeshree says yet I am terrified. I can’t lose you. Shekhar says we need to stop Mohana. Piya says we need to get her. Mohana says you murdered Angad to execute Singha. You have this evening as it were. From that point forward, nobody can spare you from my fury.

Savi says we got Mohana so often yet she fled consistently. Nishant says we need to discover an exit plan. Savi says we need to keep her. An edge falls. Nishant says this casing fell before as well. Savi says no nail remains on this divider. I did this before as well. Nishant says I figured out how to keep her.

Nishant comes to Ansh. Ansh says would you say you are a certain daddy? He says I am not yet we need to attempt. Shekhar says now and then, we need to foul up to stop an inappropriate. Vedeshree says on the off chance that we don’t stop her, she will slaughter every one of us.

Mohana says you left me Angad, yet my retribution isn’t anymore. Everybody comes there with bolts. Mohana says wasn’t slaughter Angad enough that you need to execute me also? Ansh says we are here to get you just so you don’t do what you shouldn’t. Mohana says I will do what I need to. You did what you shouldn’t have. Nobody can spare you now, not these weapons.

Vedeshree says yet our confidence can spare us. She shows her ganga jal. Everybody tosses ganga jal on her. Nishant ropes her. Vedeshree says we comprehend your torment. Be that as it may, I wish you could comprehend why we are doing this and why Ansh slaughtered Singa. Pardon us.

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