Nazar 25 June 2019 Written Episode Update – They Still have Rakt Relation

Written Update: Nazar 25 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

Piya meets Nishant and reveals to him that I think Vedsheree and Mohana have rakt connection still. Nishant says we need to discover without a doubt first. Let’s not consider it, its Adi’s birthday. The two of them enter the party. Nishant says I need to call somebody, he leaves. Piya sees Vedsheree holding Adi and is going to assault him with a blade. She runs and takes Adi from him.

Ansh sees it and says why you are acting mischievously Piya? Piya says she was attempting to execute Adi. Avi says you should be mixed up. Piya says she had a blade. Chitali demonstrates to her that it’s a plastic blade. Vedsheree reviews how she shrouded steel one. Piya says she had the genuine blade in her grasp. Nishant comes there and says quietly down, Vedsheree adores Adi as much as you.

Nazar 25 June 2019

Piya says she was attempting to execute Adi. Ansh requests that she stop it. Nishant murmurs to that quiet down, we must be cautious. Vedsheree says Piya won’t get anything, she is stressed over Mohana’s dangers. Piya says Vedsheree is doing this since she is still in Mohana’s control, their rakt connection didn’t end. Shekhar says their tree passed on. Piya says I saw that pot developing once more, I will bring it.

She goes to check for it yet its missing from its place. Piya sees a consumed pot tree and is befuddled. Flashback reviews how Mohana made Vedsheree murder pot tree. Shekhar says this tree kicked the bucket. Piya says no, when I saw it, it was red. Vedsheree discloses to Piya that I dont know why you are doing this however I am heartbroken on the off chance that I accomplished something incorrectly, in the event that you need something, at that point you can let me know. Piya says trust me Ansh, Mohana Vedsheree still have rakt connection.

Nazar 25 June 2019

Shekhar says enough, you continue reprimanding her for various things, you realize their connection finished route back. Piya says lets complete a test and we will discover. Shekhar says we dont need to. Ansh says we need to, in the event that Piya said it, at that point we will do this test. Shekhar says yet its Adi’s birthday. Ansh says Piya thoroughly took care of us, in the event that she is stating it, at that point there must be an explanation for it and in the event that its a misconception, at that point we can explain.

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