Nazar 24 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Piya Lies on Bed

Written Update: Nazar 24 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

Sanam says no I would love for you to get down to business, I am not inspired by your work so you don’t need to disclose to me anything, she leaves. Naman says wow my better half is astute and lovely. Vedsheree brings Adi on the gallery. She can hear Mohana. Mohana is far from house yet send messages to Vedsheree. Flashback demonstrates how Mohana utilized a powder to keep Vedsheree in rakt connection, she says family thinks Vedsheree is free yet she is still completely devoted to me.

Nazar 24 June 2019

Piya comes in the overhang and sees Vedsheree inclining with Adi from the gallery. She rushes to Adi and takes him from her. Ansh comes there. Vedsheree says I was playing with Adi and you took him, you think I am Mohana? Piya says dislike that, Vedshree was hanging Adi from the overhang, he was going to fall. Ansh says Piya you should make them misjudge. Vedsheree says its alright, on the off chance that she doesn’t need me close Adi, at that point I won’t, she cries and leaves.

Vedheree smiles and wipes her tears, tears fly away. Chitali comes there and says the minister is here. Saanvi and Naman comes to witch room. She is attempting to open a coffin yet Naman encourages her and says I am back. Saanvi says your significant other let you? Naman says my significant other is coordinating, dont meddle in my own life. Saanvi says I am attempting to discover Mayank and Tara.

Nazar 24 June 2019

I am attempting to take answers from Panna yet she has made ice around herself, I am going out to discover some arrangement so you need to watch out for Panna. Naman says dont stress, I will keep center here.  Saanvi says imagine a scenario in which your significant other comes here. Naman says I am exceptionally devoted to my obligation. Sanam comes there and says you left lunchbox so I brought it. Naman says you didnt need to come here.

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