Nazar 23 May 2019 Written Update – Nishant Puts Ansh In A Case

Written Update: Nazar 23 May 2019 Written Update on

Ansh gets phony Piya’s neck and asks where is Piya? Nishant comes there and focuses bolt at Ansh, he requests that he leave his little girl. Ansh says she isn’t Piya. Counterfeit Piya acts like biting the dust and says dad spare me. Nishant tosses bolt at Ansh. Counterfeit Piya hurry to him. Ansh says she isn’t Piya, hear me out, please. Nishant tosses another bolt at him. Ansh says she isn’t your little girl, we will lose Piya and Adi.

Nishant says I can recognize my little girl. Counterfeit Piya says I am terrified. Master Maa goes to Mohana’s chamber and sees glass pieces on the floor. Does Master Maa say Mohana left? She should be behind Piya. She calls Piya however Mohana accepts the call and says she is with me. I will render my retribution, she closes call. Master Maa says where will I discover Piya?

Nazar 23 May 2019

I heard certain feathered creature tweeting, she is the manak territory with Piya. Nishant places Ansh for a situation in a dim room. Ansh says she isn’t genuine Piya. We need to go from here and discover Piya if you don’t mind trust me. Counterfeit Piya comes there. Case begins yelling. Nishant says they are yelling at Ansh, you are abhorrent like all others.

He fills his case with green smoke and says it will make you powerless and you won’t probably run. He encompasses his case with patal fluid and says in the event that you contact it, at that point, it won’t extra you. He leaves with phony Piya. Master Maa comes to Manak site and uses her petitions to break Mohana’s spell from the coffin. She sees Piya in the event that. Naman comes there and asks Piya to wake up.

Nazar 23 May 2019

The family observes Adi prevent from evaporating. Vedsheree says it implies Ansh discovered Piya. Mohana sees Naman and Guru Maa leaving with Piya. Mohana sees it and feels that they will remove Piya from Mumbai and will remove her from Ansh, she doesn’t realize that Piya is a devik and she doesn’t think about Ansh, this Naman is a trick and will successfully get Piya.

Ansh awakens and supposes I need to leave from here. He breaks case utilizing his capacity and sees patal fluid around him. Does Master Maa inquire as to whether she is fine at this point? Piya gestures. Master Maa says your mother got this witch 20 years back and now she is out for retribution.

I have concluded that you wed Naman and go far from Mumbai. Naman says yes I am prepared to wed Piya. Piya is strained and looks on. Nishant says to counterfeit Piya that I don’t know how I came in Ansh’s words. I don’t know why he is behind you, he was looking for you and after that was assaulting you.

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