Nazar 22 April 2019 Written Update – Mohona Gets Terrified From Rahul

Written Update: Nazar 22 April 2019 Written Update on

Mohona attempt to go when Rahul inconvenience her and advise her that he have to return once more. Mohona endeavor to take the lift, however Rahul into smoke and doesn’t release lift. Mohona gets frightened! He requests that her go, yet Mohona denies. Just than lift open. Chaitali and Vedshree request that they return and eat; we will go out at night. Rahul hurt Mohona. Mayank’s mother blends something in the water to show him exercise. Sanam comes in front of Mayank vehicle.

Mohona solicits Vedshree to make Rahul out from the house, he is perilous. Vedshree state he is guiltless tyke, and see Aditya playing with Rahul with an enormous grin and insult Mohona that even Aditya like him, just you have an issue. Mohona says on the grounds that he isn’t decent. Vedshree says as you are detestable, you think others same. Mayank’s mother stress for him and think he has not finished single work till yet, just than Mayank lands with Sanam, stunning her and tara.

Vedshree offers milk to Rahul and plays with aditya. Mohona thinks Rahul is too astute to even think about handling. Rahul utilizes his forces and makes fan tumble down. Piya picks crying aditya and chaitali state thank god that aditya and Rahul were not under the fan. Rahul grins. Mayank’s mother chasten him for bringing Sanam home, however, you were locked in with her, however, at this point, you are hitched totara. Tara serves tea to sanam. His mother says that we broke commitment as it was required. Mayank state she was about gone under my vehicle, and she was injured individual, till all is well she will remain here as it were.

Aditya doesn’t rest and do mischiefs and raising hell ansh and piya. Piya pt cover and request that Aditya rest like Rahul. Mohona sit tight for Piya and goes to meet her, however, Rahul come and request that she come. Mohona utilizes her twist to get Rahul, yet Rahul keeps running all over lastly slap her hard. Mohona keeps running from that point however stopped by Rahul, mohona gets startled and Rahul slap her once more, just that both hear somebody strolling, and mohona hold Rahul. piya sees them, rahul begin asking to make him leave.. piya ask mohona to leave Rahul.

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