Nazar 21 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Piya Dance to my Tunes

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Nishant says Vedsheree is free from witch rakt connection now. They all enter the gallery and see Ansh going to cut coffin. Piya yells no Ansh. Vedsheree shouts. Ansh takes off the shroud and sees Vedsheree, he is staggered and hurries to her. Nishant says Mohana utilized rakt connection to bring her here, she is out of it now. Ansh says I saw Karan in the coffin. Nishant surrenders coffin to see Karan’s stoned body. Nishant says this was Mohana’s trap to make you wound Vedsheree. Ansh scowls at her and says you tricked me.

Nazar 21 June 2019 Episode

Piya says she needed you to complete a transgression so she could grab wings from you. Mohana says she isn’t lying. Shekhar says she attempted to make you slaughter your mom, she is a witch all things considered. Piya says Mohana utilized Ansh’s shortcoming about Karan. Mohana says he cannot utilize forces of wings like me, Vedsheree consumed me alive so I can make her child slaughter her as well, I will take wings from you, perhaps he should complete a transgression in Defenselessness.

Nazar 21 June 2019 Episode

Piya says just sin he can do is to murder you. Mohana attempts to assault her however Ansh tosses her from the gallery. They all leave. Mohana returns and discloses to Piya that I will take wings from Ansh. Piya says you dare draw close to my family and I won’t save you. Mohana says to imagine a scenario in which Ansh tosses you out of the house. gives see what I a chance to do now.

Naman comes to Sanam and says sorry, it would be ideal if you Sanam turns away. He says I completed an error, Guru Maa reproved me for yelling at you, you care for me that is the reason you blew up on Mausi, no one adored me previously so I don’t realize how to respond, I am grieved. Dilruba chuckles and says you don’t need to state sorry, I excuse you. Naman says so effectively? he embraces her and says continue grinning.

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