Nazar 20 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Urvashi Burns Balls

Written Update: Nazar 20 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The drama starts, Master Maa requests that family appeal to Devi Maa to keep Mohana tied here forever. They go to Maa’s object of worship. Urvashi goes to Mohana’s container and says I need to free her. She gets encompassed by mantras circle and uses her quill to make Mohana alive once more.

All relatives are asking in the mandir. Mohana says I realized you would rebound, I am in mandir where was I bolted. Urvashi says on the off chance that they complete mantras, at that point you cont have the option to leave from here. Mohana says you have Piya’s body so utilize her blade to cut dividers of these mantras. Urvashi uses blade however discovers metal bangle there, Mohana says we can utilize this.

Nazar 20 September 2019

Urvashi says its Adi’s so I cannot utilize it. Mohana tosses it at mantras divider around them and gap has been made. Urvashi bounces out of gap. Mohana attempts yet cant as the family comes there. Nishant says Mohana is encompassed by mantras so she cannot leave from that point. They lock her mandir and leave.

Urvashi comes to Mohana and says for what reason did you cause me to go out first? Mohana says you have controls so you can satisfy our main goal, I don’t care in the event that I am here, Urvashi leaves. Mohana grins and says she doesn’t know my genuine expectations.

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