Nazar 20 June 2019 Written Update – Vedsheree is on otherside of casket

Written Update: Nazar 20 June 2019 Written Update on

Ansh asks Mohana what she needs consequently by bringing Karan back? Mohana says I needed his wings, he relinquished for you so you can forfeit for him by giving his wings to me, you need your sibling or his wings? choose and let me know.

Nazar 20 June 2019

Mohana comes to Piya in kitchen and says you are cutting veggies in indignation, you are feeling powerless for your family? Piya says I can do anything for my family. Mohana says lets see. She tosses blade in air and its going to slit her wrist, Mohana requests that her spare Vedsheree. Piya utilizes her forces to prevent the blade from hitting her. Mohana says you should stress over me, I am Ansh’s genuine mother. She smiles and leaves.

Naman says to Dilruba that I solicited you to resist the urge to panic infront from Mausi and you demonstrated your existence to her? Dilruba says I was guarding you, she cries and leaves. Master Maa comes to Naman and says cant you see? Sanam blew up just when Mausi abused about you, do you know what it implies?

Nazar 20 June 2019

Nishant says to Piya that we cannot break rakt connection among Vedsheree and Mohana yet how? She has some enormous arrangement which is the reason she is back. Piya says Mohana can utilize Ansh for her favorable position. Mohana and Ansh comes in Nishant’s room and jumps on divider. They go in witch room. Piya feels something and says I felt somebody was here.

In witch room, Ansh sees Karan and his family in coffins. She supposes I realized I could utilize his feelings. Ansh says to Mohana that we must be cautious generally Nishant will know. He opens coffin entryway however caution rings. Nishant and Piya hears it and comes in witch room yet they dont discover anybody. Mohana and Ansh avoids them. Mohana utilizes her rakt connection for Vedsheree to wake up in her room. Chitali attempts to stop Vedsheree yet she pushes her away and leave.

In witch room, Piya attempts to glance around yet Chitali considers her and discloses to her that Vedsheree left house. She tells Nishant and leaves. Ansh is strained. Nishant says to Piya that Mohana can utilize Vedsheree. Piya says we need to spare Ansh as well. Nishant comes his greenhouse and demonstrates her seeds of hallowed tree, he says you can utilize those utilizing your forces. Piya tosses seeds in a pot.

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