Nazar 2 May 2019 Written Update – Ansh Trying To Save Piya

Written Update: Nazar 2 May 2019 Written Update on

Shalaka says to Mohana that you and your child did this, you passed on and didn’t come to the smoke world so I sent my child to get you yet he stayed away forever, I realize you slaughtered him. Mohana says I didn’t do anything. Shalaka snatches her. Ansh stows away and hears it. Shalaka says to Mohana that once I realize who murdered my child and where is his dead body then I won’t save her. She leaves. Ansh is strained about Piya and calls Nishant. He discloses to him that we need to send Rahul’s body away before Piya gets in peril.

Saanvi attempts to put Panna’s nail in fluid cooking yet fluid continues tossing it out. Naman peruses that fluid cannot acknowledge nail if it’s not from the same blood. Saanvi says it implies Panna isn’t Mayank’s genuine mother? Panna says to herself that Tara doesn’t comprehend what a mother can do anything for her child. She sees some child’s photograph and pets a parrot.

Nishant calls Ansh and says I am attempting. Cleric brings some fluid from mandir. Naman goes to Mayank’s home as an egg vendor. He meets Tara on entryway and murmurs to her that I am from Saanvi’s group. Panna comes there yet Tara says its egg merchant, she leaves. Naman reveals to her that they discovered some hint, he gives her chit and leaves. Tara peruses chit which says that meet them tomorrow at a given location.

Nishant makes a ground-breaking circle utilizing cleric’s given fluid, he asks circle how might we expel Rahul’s smoke from Ansh’s home? Circle evaporates. Ansh is available to come back to work and inquires as to whether he discovered something? Nishant says circle disappeared, we don’t have a way. Ansh sees Shalaka coming there.

Panna comes to Tara and says you simply spared Mayank from torment yet cant influence me to lose. Tara says we will see. Panna smiles and leaves with her parrot Heera. Shalaka says to Ansh that you want to prevent me from finding my child? I will discover him. Ansh says then why ask me? proceed to discover him. Shalaka says I am a mother, you are expanding torment of a mother, I have appropriate to have my child’s dead body, where is he? Ansh says I cannot let you know. Shalaka says is Mohana behind this?

for what reason would you say you are sparing her? she did as such much terrible with you individuals then why spare her? it implies another person murdered Rahul, on the off chance that you reveal to me truth, at that point I will excuse all of you with the exception of individual who slaughtered my child. Ansh says I cannot let you know. Shalaka says I challenge you that just you will inform me regarding him, she leaves. Mohana gets Rahul’s body stay with family, she says to Vedsheree that we need to complete this body before Shalaka discovers him. All of a sudden Shalaka comes there. All relatives stand infront of Rahul’s body. Mohana conceals his body from Shalaka. Shalaka says we need to begin work soon, for what reason would you say you are for the most part here?

Chitali says we were simply making arrangements. Shalaka says when my child isn’t here then I cannot commend anything, I realize you individuals think about me, where is my child Rahul? Whom would you say you are sparing? this Mohana? Who attempted to complete all of you. I know how Mohana is, witches are not faithful to anybody. I realize she executed my child, Ansh revealed to me that she murdered Rahul. Mohana says no. Shalaka says I will rebuff you so much that you will lament being conceived.

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