Nazar 2 April 2019 Written Update – Can Ansh Save Adi?

Written Update: Nazar 2 April 2019 Written Update on

Piya asks Adi to turn out. Vedsheree asks Chalayan to not do anything. Nishant gets the call from Naman, he says what would we be able to do? Chalayan cannot do anything another side? Piya utilizes her forces and tosses fire at Chalayan. Piya asks Adi to get on the divider, she will consume. Flame begins going close to Adi. Chalayan goes towards him. Nishant says we need to accomplish something. Ansh asks Adi to move up. Adi slithers and ascensions on the divider. Nishant says her thought is working. Chitali sees fire expanding.

Mayank’s mom welcomes everybody to meet Tara. She asks her to the little girl to bring Shagun, I am her mom as well. Mayank comes in capacity. Does Tara say till when we need to keep this demonstration? when will you reveal to me the reason for my dad’s passing? Minister comes there and approaches them to sit for pooja. Tara’s feet consumes in light of the fact that of coal.

Sister says she cannot do pooja. Mayank says she will do it. He lifts Tara in his arms and gives her pooja plate. They begin doing pooja together. Nishant says we cannot put this flame out. Piya says I can head inside, Adi’s life is generally essential. Ansh says I will go there not you. Piya says no. Ansh says you will figure out how to bring us out. He bounces in mirror and ascensions on the divider. He gets Adi.

Lady says to Mayank that you need to get animal nail from that young lady. Mayank says it’s in her grasp so how might I get her? She says I will demonstrate to you. Malicious lady comes to Tara in cover. Tara is terrified and says who are you? Lady cuts her hand and leaves. Mayank comes there. Tara says that lady assaulted me, she was with you before, what does she need? Mayank looks on.

Nishant says we don’t realize an approach to bring them back. Avi says we need to stop the fire. Chitali says we can break it. Nishant says it’s not helpful. Piya says accomplish something. Somebody breaks the half mirror. They swing to see Vedsheree have done it. She says I did it to bring them out. Does Piya say what did you do? They see reflect breaking more. Piya sees Ansh and Adi in the corner of the mirror. Nishant says we cannot bring them if reflect breaks totally.

Mayank says to the lady that for what reason did you assault her? She is terrified. Lady says I need that hawk memento, do anything. Piya asks Nishant to disclose to them an arrangement. Vedsheree says we can utilize witch tree. Piya says just Ansh call it. They all shout for him to call witch tree there. Mayank glances around for Tara and sees her rubbing her mom’s head. She says I had headache however she dealt with it. Mayank says you ought to have let me know. He looks at Tara.

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