Nazar 19 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Urvashi Smirks & Grabs

Written Update: Nazar 19 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Urvashi in Piya’s symbol discloses to her that her children cannot see her. Children come there and go to Urvashi, they cannot see genuine Piya as she is only a spirit. Piya cries.

Pari requests that she make her twists. Urvashi messily makes it. Pari proceeds to disclose to Adi that mother doesnt make interlaces this way. Piya is strained seeing children are following Urvashi as Piya.

Nazar 19 September 2019

Urvashi in Piya’s symbol enters Mohana’s van and says I disclosed to you I would come to spare you. She attempts to open her case. Ansh is in front of situating and hears something. He goes in back yet URvashi stows away. Ansh locks Mohana’s container and reveals to Nishant that all is well.

Ansh and family touch base at mandir to drop off Mohana. Master Maa says we need to tie Mohana as we did years back. Nishant and family pour patal, roses and jal around her crate.

Vedsheree says we gave you risks however you continued harming us, you are stuck here forever. Avi says we need to drop her off and ensure she doesn’t rebound in our lives. Master Maa says trust Devi Maa. Naman and Saanvi attempting to chip away at Bhasmika’s nail yet it bursts into flames. Saanvi says it implies Bhasmika is alive and risky.

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