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Avi says to imagine a scenario in which it’s not useful for Ansh. Nishant says it relies upon the individual how he needs to utilize his forces. Ansh says Karan was the fate of stone yet at the same time helped me, I need to bring him back at any expense. Mohana comes there and says I know the answer of this inquiry. All frown at her. Piya requests that her get lost, she focuses bolt at her and says don’t you dare draw close to my child.

Nazar 19 June 2019 Episode

Mohana says I am not frightened, I am here to meet my family. Shekhar says we are not your family. Mohana says Ansh became more acquainted with about his forces as a result of me, I discovered Karan and tossed Adi from precipice so he could realize that he has this power. Ansh says there must be some purpose for it, these wings are of

Karan and I will never offer it to you. Piya requests that her leave when she has time. Mohana goes to leave however reviews how she and Vedsheree are connected. She breaks glass bottle on her head, Mohana’s head drains however Vedsheree’s head drains as well.

Mohana says I can hurt her as well, I can utilize my forces to treat my injury yet Vedsheree cant, she discloses to Piya that I can hurt her whenever I need. Vedsheree is crying in torment. Mohana says you need me to leave still? I realize you individuals dont like me however you adore Vedsheree a great deal so you should keep me here. Family takes Vedsheree from that point.

Mausi sits on table for sustenance. Dilruba comes there in cloak. Mausi requests that her serve nourishment. She sees Dilruba eating. Mausi says she doesnt have any way, I would have draped her to a fan. Naman sees Dilruba furious and discloses to Mausi that have something to eat.

Ansh is in his room and reviews his minutes with Karan. Piya comes there. Ansh says Karan didnt get anything throughout everyday life, he was from his family and afterward he was the fate of stone, he even gave his wings to me. Piya says I know its unreasonable yet he will get his satisfaction, he won’t be of stone for much time. Piya says imagine a scenario in which Mohana was telling truth.

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