Nazar 18 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Vedsheree’s head bleeds too

Written Update: Nazar 18 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

Mohana remains on top of transport and says searching for Adi? Ansh scowls at her. Mohana says he with me. She indicates Adi grasped in her twist. She says don’t draw close to me, you individuals confided in a witch? She tosses Adi from bluff. Ansh and Piya are stunned. The two of them look down. Ansh bounces from the precipice. Piya is staggered.

Nazar 18 June 2019

She frowns at Mohana and moves transport far from her. Piya remains on transport rooftop and says you fouled up by harming my child, Ansh will spare her, however, no one can spare you from me. Mohana says you have no clue about my forces. Mohana attempts to assault her however Piya discards her and goes behind her. Mohana is frightened. Piya snatches her neck and lifts her in air. She tosses her on the ground. Mohana hacks and gets back up. Piya kicks her in the stomach and tosses her in a tree trunk.

Piya says you have no clue about mother’s capacity. She goes close to the precipice and shouts for Adi and Ansh. She begins leaving however observes Ansh flying with wings and Adi in his arms. She is shocked. Ansh says this happened in view of Karan, he moved his forces in me when he passed on, he said that he will be with me at whatever point I hope, he is with me. Piya shouts to them. Mohana believes that I needed him to acknowledge his forces as well so he can give his wings to me.

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