Nazar 17 June 2019 Written Update – Piya jumps on bus roof and glares at Mohana

Written Update: Nazar 17 June 2019 Written Update on

Dilruba and Naman go to an eatery on the sentimental date. Saanvi covers up. Sanam endowments his bows and arrows unit. Saanvi tosses arrow yet Naman moves Sanam away. Vedsheree’s injury on arm begin consuming, she shouts in agony. All relatives are terrified. Shekhar brings ganga jal and tosses on it, wound quit consuming, Vedsheree blacks out. Avi says we need to accomplish something.

Nazar 17 June 2019 Written Update

Master Maa says to Saanvi that for what reason did Naman spare Dilruba? Naman comes there with Sanam and says why can’t she be my better half? She should be a chudail yet I cherish her. Dilruba tells Guru Maa that I will serve you and deal with you. Naman says she is so lovely and adoring. Saanvi says she is utilizing her forces. Naman disregards her and leaves with Sanam.

Nishant meets the family and educates them concerning blood association between a witch and Vedsheree, they are connected by blood and it made the rakt connection when Vedsheree utilized Mohana’s hair. All are stunned. Nishant says yes. Does Shekhar say I’m not catching it’s meaning? Nishant says rakt connection is still there, Mohana can hurt Vedsheree by harming herself. Sehkhar says is there an approach to break it? Nishant says I don’t think so as they are connected by blood. Chitali says there must be away.

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