Nazar 14 June 2019 Written Update – Mohana is in Picnic bus with Adi

Written Update: Nazar 14 June 2019 Written Update on

Saanvi says to Naman that you need to watch out for Sanam, we need to discover what she needs from us, she cannot question that you are with us. Ansh is in the vehicle. He sees street splitting. He leaves the vehicle and thinks to bounce on another side of the street however Mohana comes there and grins. Does he say what do you need? Mohana says I need you to do what Karan said.

Nazar 14 June 2019

Naman goes to Sanam’s room and asks what are you stowing away? She says no. Sanam plays with him and says what do you need? She says answer me something. Ansh calls Nishant and says Karan said for me to shop with confidence, I’m not catching his meaning? Imagine a scenario where it brings Karan back. Nishant says don’t consider bouncing from tallness, don’t do what Mohana needs.

Ansh says Karan said it as well. Nishant says I have never known about such thing, quit thinking this, don’t accomplish something that isn’t right. Ansh comes in daycare and sees nobody there. Did he stun and says where did all go? He stops a peon and asks where did all go? Peon says they all went on an excursion with their families. Ansh is stunned.

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