Nazar 13 June 2019 Written Update – Piya says to professor that

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Ansh is in daycare building parking area. Mohana holes up behind him. Ansh takes a gander at the gallery and feels somebody’s quality, he says to imagine a scenario where Karan is back. He sees time and says I need to get Adi. Mohana comes there and pushes him from the gallery. Ansh tumbles down yet holds another floor’s overhang. He sees Adi turning out from another side of the divider and strolling towards overhang.

Nazar 13 June 2019

Ansh says leave from here. The instructor comes there and sees Ansh swinging from the overhang. Does she say what are you doing here? She sees Adi sitting on the pantry and is stunned. Educator calls Piya and says both Adi and Ansh are making issues here, come here. She says I am coming. Piya says to the teacher that I need to go for my child. Teacher says my relative didn’t bolster me as well.

Naman awakens and cries to Guru Maa. He says my significant other is a chudail, I thought she was a pixie yet. Saanvi says I knew from previously. Naman says I adored her, I won’t save her. Saanvi says she will decimate you, she doesn’t care about you. Piya says to Nishant and Ansh that express gratitude toward God no one saw him bouncing on the cabinet. Nishant says don’t stress over his forces, imagine a scenario in which control his forces.

Nazar 13 June 2019

Piya says how? He demonstrates her a memento and says it has fluid inside that can prevent him from utilizing his forces. He makes Adi wear it. Piya says now he cannot utilize controls in daycare. Ansh thinks Mohana was there so Adi cannot secure himself. Ansh says Mohana assaulted me in daycare. Piya says what? why didn’t you let me know? Ansh says you have tests. Piya says it’s not significant, she cannot hurt Adi, I cannot release him to daycare.

Ansh says till when we will keep him in shadow? He should go to class, I will deal with him. Does Piya say what regarding his wellbeing? Nishant demonstrates her powder and says this sand will support us. Ansh tosses sand outside Adi’s daycare entryway and says it will ensure Adi. He meets instructor and offers Adi to her. She causes him to sit inside. Adi attempts to utilize his forces yet cant.

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