Nazar 11 June 2019 Written Update – Karan’s Wife Is A Witch

Written Update: Nazar 11 June 2019 Written Update on

Ansh beats Karan. Karak utilizes his wings to fly in air. Flashback reviews how Mohana had plume, this is on the grounds that Karan has wings. He lifts Ansh in air and tosses him on floor. Karan says I will make you stone like Piya and Adi. Ansh gets up and punches him hard. He says you will make Piya and Adi fine at the present time, he gets him and says make them fine. Mohana comes there and gets Ansh utilizing her interlace. She smiles.

Vedsheree sees Mohana’s hair. She places it in her hair. Vedsheree says Ansh cannot battle only them so I will stop Mohana. She slits her wrist Mohana lifts Ansh in air and smiles at Karan. Mohana’s wrist cuts in view of Vedsheree. Vedsheree continue cutting herself. Family request that her stop it. Vedsheree says I cannot do anything for my child. Mohana thinks Vedsheree is doing this so I will do it as well. She cuts her hand as well. Vedsheree gets cut as well. Vedsheree says Mohana is getting to be feeble.

Nazar 11 June 2019

Mohana snatches Piya’s and Adi’s stone and discard them. Nishant gets some information about Karan, Chitali says he said he will do pooja under sky and before sun down. Nishant says you have Karan’s accessory? Vedsheree says yes. Mohana says to Karan that Piya and Adi needed to leave. Ansh keeps running from that point behind them. Karan sees his significant other Mansi and Munna alive. He hurries to them and embraces them. Karan says I cherish you. Mohana takes Munna and embraces him.

Karan says I revealed to you I will bring you back. Mansi grins and snatches his quills, he shouts in torment. Nishant lights diyas and says we will know where Karan is utilizing this. He utilizes his neckband around water, fire, sand and air. His jewelry light up at flame. Mansi takes witch symbol and says to Karan that I wedded you due to your dads. Mohana says I sent Mansi to you so she can get quills for you yet Piya’s mom made her of stone.

Karan says it implies Piya was correct, you both are witches and tricked me, I duped my family. Mohana says I told your family that you passed on at time of birth, you were crippled so I tossed you in stream to bite the dust yet you got spared and had quills so I sent Mansi to you, Mansi says I wedded you so I could get your wings. Mohana asks Karan to give his wings. He says no however blacks out.

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