Nazar 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Piya Clairvoyance Advises Adi

Written Update: Nazar 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Adi evades Pari and takes the shank from mandir. Pari stops him and says I won’t let you go from here. He goes on the overhang. Pari says give me the shank however Adi tosses it from the gallery and asks Piya to take it yet Pari gets the shank with her twist and goes to Parthmaya, all look on. Parthmayan says she is with us, she requests the shank.

Piya says this is certainly not a typical shank, it has God’s forces. Ansh requests that Pari offer shank to them. Pari is going to offer shank to Mohana yet Piya supplicates to Devi to invigorate Pari to get over her spell. Devi favors Pari and she abruptly plays the shank. All are stunned. Parthmayan shouts and requests that she stop it. Pari continues playing it to bother Mohana and Parthmayan.

All relatives remain behind her. Piya and Ansh take their positions. Ansh lifts Piya noticeable all around and says now you are not spared Parthmayan. Vedsheree says they are my children and now you need to confront them. Piya hits Parthmayan with a bolt and she starts consuming. Vedsheree says I guided you to take a way of the great however you didn’t tune in and left me.

Nazar 10 October 2019

Parthmayan says this isn’t the end, you have sold out me once more. She consumes totally. Nishant says goodness prevailed upon malice. Pari hurries to him. Parthmayan’s twist remains noticeable all around. Mohana says she thought I was futile however now I will move toward becoming Parthmayan. Nishant feels that in the event that Mohana gets the Parthmayan’s mesh, at that point she will get her forces, we need to stop her. Mohana rushes to get the interlace however Piya runs and takes it.

Vedsheree says till when you will continue running behind forces? Wouldn’t you be able to see the end of our mom? Mohana says what mother? She never accepted me as her girl and consistently called me futile. It was me who brought her out of that pen where she was fading away yet at the same time, she was singing for you. Ansh says still you can’t take her interlace.

Mohana says I am sick of hearing your babble, it’s not possible for anyone to stop me. All relatives clasp hands to stop her. Mohana asys you can’t stop me as I have powers. Shekhar says we are as one and that is our capacity. Mohana says I will come soon, she leaves. Piya takes a gander at Parthmayan’s interlace and it starts taking off.

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