Nazar 10 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Karan make Ansh faint

Written Update: Nazar 10 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

When Karan attempt to utilize brilliant powder, tree leaves spread Aditya and Piya. Ansh reaches while recalling how Nishant request to spare them and listen leaves sound. Piya utilizes her forces and expels tree and leaves. Karan blow brilliant powder which frees his better half and youngster and turning Piya and Aditya stone.

Nishant attempt to discover an answer for spare Piya Aditya and ansh expressing that karan is increasingly hazardous as he has patal ketki in his blood. It turns relatives in pressure when Desiree tells will prevent Mohona from going to meet Karan, as the two of them have held hands.

Nazar 10 June 2019

Ansh question Karan about his deceive when Karan state his honest family was put into inconvenience even. Ansh request to free Piya and Aditya. Karan denies saying he just redressed Divya slip-up and guardians mix-up offer outcome to kids only. They both battle where generally Ansh loses.

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