Nazar 1 May 2019 Written Update – Tara Breaks Panna’s Spell

Written Update: Nazar 1 May 2019 Written Update on

Shalaka is going to open ice chest yet Mohana comes there and stops her, she says you don’t need to work here. Shalaka says its alright, Mohana doesnt let her open cooler and gets milk for her. Piya murmurs to Vedsheree that Rahul’s body is in the ice chest. Vedsheree is staggered and says to Shalaka that dont stress, we will get tea for you, gives up out. Shalaka begins leaving however grins and Mohana and leaves. Panna yells that I wont let Mayank go out. She splits floor and gets her bowl and stick from the floor.

Ansh informs Chitali and family regarding Shalaka being the ruler of smoke world. Ansh says Rahul was her child as well and from smoke world, I am endeavoring to conceal his body from her. Shekhar says she is his mom so she has directly on his body. Ansh says I know yet all visitors are here, she can make a scene here. Neha comes there and inquires as to why they look strained? Vedsheree says all is well, dont stress, Neha gestures and leaves. Ansh says till we don’t discover why she is here, we won’t inform her concerning Rahul. Piya says this all happened as a result of me, a mother can do anything for her child. Ansh says I need to discover what she needs. Shalaka comes there and says me?

Nazar 1 May 2019 Written Update

Mayank goes to get his vehicle keys. Sanam and Tara keeps an eye on Panna. They see Panna moving stick in bowl and hear Mayank crying in agony. Tara says we have stop her. They toss ginger fluid at her yet Panna has made a shield around her and cant be harmed. Tara says what regarding Mayank now? Vedsheree says to Shalaka that we were simply talking about mehndi tomorrow, you required anything? Shalaka says Ansh comprehends what I need, dont stress I will take it myself, she leaves.

Tara says to Sanam that Mayank is in torment as a result of us, we need to accomplish something. She goes in Panna’s room. Does Panna say what are you doing here? Proceed to help Mayank. Tara endeavors to go close to her however there is a shield around her. Panna says go to Mayank, he is in agony. Tara reviews how she contacted utilizing her wrist. She utilizes her wrist and breaks Panna’s shield, her spell from Mayank closes as well.

Shalaka comes in kitchen. Mohana inquires as to whether she needs anything? Shalaka takes a smoke symbol and opens ice chest. Panna is shocked. Tara endeavors to take stick from her. Panna says you need to play? OK lets see who wins. Mayank comes there so Tara conceals stick. Mayank comes tehre and asks what is this? Tara says she was doing this.

Shalaka frowns at Mohana as she doesn’t discover Rahul in the refrigerator, Mohana endeavors to leave however Shalaka hovers around her. Tara says to Panna that Mayank was doing pooja for you. Panna says I am stressed as he is going out. Tara says he isn’t going. Sanam comes there and says auntie called me, she took drug and she is fine at this point. Tara says to Panna that don’t stress over Mayank as I am here at this point. Mayank says yes. Sanam says Tara is with him so nothing can transpire. Panna frowns at Tara.

Tara calls Saanvi and reveals to her arrangement. Saanvi says let me know whether you have any arrangement. Naman says to Saanvi that Mayank can hurt Tara. Saanvi says we will complete animal memento with the goal that controls doesn’t go to anybody, we need to get something from animal family to annihilate spell. She sees Mayank’s mom’s nail and says Tara offered it to me.

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