Nazar 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Piya is Running in Jungle

Written Update: Nazar 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

Vedsheree says we saw what Piya is doing yet why she is doing it? She spared us from all inconveniences, we overlooked in our inconveniences that she is a human as well, she should have wanted, she should feel awful as well, we blow up, however, cant she blows up as well? She is a human as well. Chitali says you are correct. Vedhseree says we need to cause her to understand that we get her, we remain with her.

Piya calls Nishant and inquires as to whether he became more acquainted with about anything? Nishant says Mohana have concealed Vedsheree’s spirit, I don’t realize how to free her, you should tell Ansh. Piya says no, this will put Vedsheree online. Nishant says I will discover a way, she closures call. Ansh comes there. Does Piya say you have come to battle here?

Nazar 1 July 2019 Episode

Ansh says sorry, I understood that you have thoroughly taken care of me and my family, you have approached something for yourself for the first time so I shouldn’t resent you. He pulls her closer and embraces her. Piya controls herself and wipes her tears. Ansh says in the event that you offer drugs to Vedsheree, at that point she will be glad and you will be cheerful as well, he leaves.

Mohana comes there and says I didn’t request that you do this? Piya says dislike you think. Mohana says Ansh ought to have tossed you out of the house yet he is conversing with you flawless, aren’t you frightened of me? Piya says I can manage Ansh’s scorn for Vedsheree, I attempted. Mohana demonstrates her container which has Vedsheree’s spirit. She says in the event that this container breaks, at that point Vedsheree’s breathing will stop as well.

Nazar 1 July 2019 Episode

Mohana grasps it with her mesh. In-room, Vedsheree loses breath. All shout for her. Piya argues Mohana to stop it, Mohana says you can give her drugs however I have her life. Piya says I will do anything as you state, it would be ideal if you don’t do it. Ansh makes Vedsheree lie on the bed and goes to take prescriptions from Piya. Mohana says to Piya that in the event that you need to spare Vedsheree, at that point you need to go out in 4 days, its your choice.

Piya says I guarantee I will compel Ansh to toss me out of the house in 4 days. Mohana says let’s see, she leaves. Ansh comes there and asks where are drugs? I was requesting you. Piya says they are simply meds, I don’t know where I put them. Ansh says specialist said to give her drugs on schedule, you put her life on the line, leave it, I can deal with her.

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