Naagin Season 18 October 2020: Episode Written Update: Jai Sends Fake Akesh, WHy?

Written Update: Naagin Season 18 October 2020 episode.

The Episode begins with Bani sees Veer resting on the opposite side of the bed and reviews how he filled sindoor in her hairline and make her wear mangalsutra, telling that marriage is two different ways and wanting to make her his. Bani says no, Viranshu Singhania, and thinks she needs to discover some way. She turns into a snake and goes out.

She sees Shukla bringing Kaal ganak (Sand clock) and demonstrating it to Balwant. He says it has halted. Balwant stresses that Veer will remember everything. Bani hears them and turns into a snake. Daksh hears the sound and looks to a great extent. Balwant says there is no snake here. Shukla comes out and meets Jai. He says so you were inside. Mayuri is likewise there. Shukla enlightens them regarding Shakura’s forces.

Does Jai request that he reach there? Shukla says we need to send Veer a long way from here. Jai says fine. Mayuri asks Bani will be there in the room. Jai says it is my cerebral pain and requests that she bring something from Banjar Pahadi. He turns into a snake and goes to Veer’s room. He sees Bani missing from that point and thinks it is acceptable that she isn’t here. He yells for help in Bani’s voice. Veer gets up, thinking it is Bani’s voice, becomes hawk, and flies out.

He gets hostage in the pen. Jai emerges from his room as a snake and tells falcon Veer that he will bite the dust following 2 days during Poornima night and requests that he figure how he will get the excruciating passing. Bani as snake creeps on the AC pipe and tumbles down. She gets human and thinks what is this spot? She sees something shining and thinks what is this?

Jai carries Eagle Veer to Banjar Pahadi and says you will pass on the following 2 days here. He makes his pen imperceptible. Shukla and Mayuri come there. Jai says you were terrified of Veer, despite the fact that he was confined. Mayuri says Shukla told that he is extremely ground-breaking.

Bani finds the shining precious stones and adornments kept in the storeroom and finds a bolted room. She looks for its keys, yet she didn’t get it. She turns out to be half naagin and attempts to break the lock, yet falls flat. She thinks what is this spot, I need to discover the insider facts of hawks? She makes the fortune box tumbles down and the divider outline continues moving, somebody sees her through the gap.

Jai, Mayuri, and Shukla come to Shakura. Shakura asks what happened which constrained a falcon, a snake, and a peacock to come to me. Jai says I have brought an arrangement for you. He says you need to change your face for our work. Shakura tells that he is an amazing bird and can change his face just one, however, won’t do this.

Naagin Season 18 October 2020

Jai says I know, you need to get this face and afterward go to Aadi naagin, you will get the fortune and autonomy. Shakura asks freedom? Mayuri tells that Jai has a mystical key to open your chain. Jai says it will be with me until the work is finished. Shakura concurs. Jai shows him Veer’s image. Shakura says alright. Bani advises that she needs to discover the insider facts of birds. Somebody is watching out for her. Bani sees a shining stone emerging from the fortune box and feels to contact it, thinks in the event that it hurts me.

She is going to contact it. Jai tells Shukla and Mayuri that he is doing. Shakura drones a few mantras to take the face which Jai needed. Shakura requests that they turn their countenances in the event that they would prefer not to kick the bucket. Mayuri, Jai, and Shukla turn their appearances. Bani takes the stone in her grasp and Veer’s pic changes which are kept before Shakura.

Daksh reveals to Balwant that Sand clock is working once more. Balwant gets stressed for Veer and calls him. Shakura tells that his face is changed. Jai, Mayuri, Shukla see his face and get stunned. Jai says we didn’t give this face pic. Shakura says you gave me this pic and shows the pic. Jai says this is beyond the realm of imagination.

Mayuri says that the pic maybe someplace here. Shakura says I previously said that I can change my face just a single time. Jai says we are defenseless, need to take the assistance of this face as it were. Aadi naagin goes to the sanctuary and shows the stone to Pandit ji’s better half. She says she came to show stone to Pandit ji. Pandit ji’s better half says he passed on, you didn’t have a clue what befallen him.

Bani asks what had occurred? She is going to let him know, yet the snake charmer comes and stops her. He gets some information about the stone and tells that plainly a major tempest has come. Bani leaves the sanctuary. Snake charmer takes a gander at Pandit ji’s better half. Pandit ji’s better half educates that Aadinaagin needed to know concerning her significant other. Snake charmer says you can’t advise her.

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