Naagin 7 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Mahadev’s Pure Light

Written Update: Naagin 7 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bela enlightening Mahir concerning keeping the infant in front of the Mahadev’s godlike object and implores in front of him so the Mahadev sees the child with his third eye. She says nothing will happen to the child, however her evilness will end. Mahir plays the dhol, while Bela moves to satisfy God. The sky has appeared, Bela keeps on moving. Mahir likewise moves while playing the dhol. Bela takes diya in her grasp and twirls. She at that point lights the havan kund and goes to God. Light originates from child’s temple, the third eye. Bela says God has tuned in to us. Mahadev’s unadulterated light from is the third eye is going to fall on the child, simply then Vish comes there and takes the infant in her grasp. Bela yells no. Vikrant scans for Vish lastly discover her.

The lady in the cavern is another person. Vish asks Vikrant, you sought me. She laments for her conduct and apologizes to him. Vikrant asks her not to lament and advises that Yuvi was bound to bite the dust. Vish gets some information about the infant. Vikrant tells that Hukum took Juhi believing her to be an infant. He says the infant is with Mahir and Bela. Vish says thank god my child is fine. She is sorry and tells that the child isn’t our own, however, I have a connection with the infant. I have given her introduction to the world. Vikrant says I can get it. Vish tells that the infant stayed silent when she took her.

Bela asks the faker Vish to keep the infant so bholenaath’s third eye beams fall on her. Counterfeit Vish says let me cherish my girl, don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur with her. Mahir says it will be dusk soon. Bela advises that nothing will happen to your girl, she will turn out to be great once bholenaath beams fall on her. She says her evilness will end and says she has no time. She turns and embraces the child. Bela requests that her get it. Counterfeit Vish turns and they are stunned to see Sumitra. Mahir asks how could you? Sumitra says this was one stun and requests that they look into, they see the dusk. Sumitra feels the pity for them and says I asked you not to battle with Hukum. Hukum says this is villain’s child. It has no spot on Mahadev’s feet. Sumitra says everybody will be on his feet.

She discloses to Hukum that she needs to rebuff Bela. Hukum requests that she do anything she desires. Sumitra confines Mahir and bela blowing something on them. Mahir asks Sumitra to open the pen. Bela says it will be demonstrated expensive to you. Sumitra says you can escape this enchanted pen when we are out from here. She says my vengeance is deficient. Hukum and Sumitra are strolling in the wilderness. Hukum acknowledges Sumitra for sparing his infant. Vish comes and requests her infant.

Hukum says my infant has nothing to do with you. Vish says I am the infant’s mom and no one can isolate a mother from her youngster. Hukum pushes her. Vish says she needs her infant. Vikrant turns out to be half snake and asks hukum to give the child. Hukum asks Sumitra to hold his child until he murders his child. Vikrant assaults Hukum, however, nothing occurs. Vish asks Sumitra to feel the torment being a mother. Sumitra says she needs vengeance and needs to execute her. Vish draws close to her and requests that she render retribution. She says you won’t get anything with this. She requests that her change. Sumitra says will I make you review whatever you did to deceive Bela and to get Vikrant.

Vish says I remember everything and advises that she needs her child to great dislike Hukum. Sumitra requests that she perceive how her better half is getting thrashed and solicits her to argue in front from Hukum to leave Vikrant, and says Hukum won’t abandon him. Vish hits Sumitra and makes her fall, she gets the child. She at that point asks Vikrant to come, yet Hukum keeps blade on Vikrant’s neck. Vikrant asks Vish to run. Hukum requests that her offer infant to Sumitra. Sumitra takes the infant. Vish requests that he leave Vikrant. Sumitra and Hukum leave. Does Vish inquire as to whether he is fine?

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