Naagin 6 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Bela Fools Hukum

Written Update: Naagin 6 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Sumitra disclosing to Mahir that Bela was stunned as she is pregnant with human Mahir and her child isn’t solid as Vishaka’s Andhka. She says in the event that she needs to battle with Vish, at that point what will occur? Vikrant asks Mahir not to hear her out and says Vish will never hurt Bela. Sumitra says Mahir is stunned as he has seen Vish’s unsafe symbol and she can do anything with Bela. She requests that he disclose to her where are they in the event that he needs to spare Bela from Vish. Vikrant says Vish won’t do anything to Bela. Mahir says we know how Yuvi was slaughtered. Sumitra inquires as to whether Vish executed Yuvi.

Vikrant asks Mahir not to question on Vish. Mahir says Vish slaughtered Yuvi believing her to be you and tells that when she can execute him then she can murder anybody. Sumitra asks Mahir to advise her. Bela is with Vish and Andhka. Andhka opens her eyes and dark smoke leave her eyes. She reviews Aghori Baba disclosing to her that when dark smoke leaves the child’s eyes then she will not squander whenever and do what he requested that she do. Bela thinks of how to isolate Vish and the child. She reviews Aghori baba’s words and takes the child in her grasp. She is sorry to Vish who is oblivious.

Vikrant asks Mahir not to fall in Sumitra’s device and tells that Vish will be fine once she conveys Andhka. Sumitra says Vish will slaughter Bela and your child. She requests that he tell where are they? Mahir says she didn’t let me know or Vikrant. Sumitra requests that he think. Vikrant blows on her and Sumitra tumbles down. Mahir and Vikrant flee. Vish is oblivious and gets dream of how Hukum kept infant inside her with enchantment. She awakens and supposes she was in child’s Andhka impact. She supposes Bela ought to have sat tight for her, before running with Andhka. She gets up and goes.

Mahir reveals to Vikrant that he deceived Sumitra that he didn’t think about the whereabouts. Vikrant says it is great that you had not advised anything to Sumitra. Sumitra is hearing them. Mahir says Bela revealed to him something to discover her. Bela is strolling when the vultures assault her. she considers Aghori baba’s words and begins running. Mahir demonstrates the mystical rope and tells that it will tell Bela’s whereabouts. Sumitra hears them. Sumitra supposes it will assume us to the right position. Vikrant and Mahir pursue the mystical rope which is taking them to Bela. Sumitra additionally tails them.

The rope gets fixing to the tree and makes Sumitra tied as well. Mahir and Vikrant come there and advise that they have figured out how to trap from her. Sumitra says Vish won’t leave Bela. Vish looks for Bela and requests that her pause and says don’t proceed onward to the front. She supposes how you will confront Hukum, he will pursue Bela. She goes to Bholenath to secure Bela. Bela bounces in the waterway grasping infant over the water level. Three monster snakes leave the water and ask Bela to handover Andhra to them, let them contact him. Bela says I will never give you this youngster. She battles with the snakes with her tails.

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