Naagin 5 May 2019 – (Written Update) Is Tamsee Afraid of fire?

Written Update: Naagin 5 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shravani racing to her folks’ room and sees them sleeping soundly. Mihir goes to his room and moves playing music. Sumitra comes there and says I was certain that you are eager. She brings servings of mixed greens for him saying she realizes that he will eat it. She says I realize you deal with your eating routine. Mihir says I need to fare thee well, else young ladies will feel terrible. Sumitra solicits who will take care from your psychological and passionate wellbeing.

She says on the off chance that individuals remain alone, at that point get frantic. Mihir says however you are distant from everyone else. She says who said that? Mihir prods her. Sumitra influences him to eat plate of mixed greens. She tells that his mother and father have wanted to travel to another country. Mohit will get occupied with his significant other and kids, and says even Tania will wed and settled down. Mihir says Rohan and Varun said that they are straight. She says I will beat

you. Mihir says I will bring hound as best partner. Sumitra gets irate and says she is discussing life buddy. Mihir says I comprehended and says mother and father requested that you spoon feed me about this. He says I would prefer not to eat, I thought you are my ally. Sumitra requests that he wed and says Tania is delightful and keen. Mihir says she would have been my companion at that point? Sumitra says these characteristics are sufficient for marriage. Mihir says he don’t feel for her.

Sumitra says such things are great in movies and books. She says you won’t comprehend what you are absent. He inquires as to whether you will get furious in the event that I reveal to you something. Sumitra asks advise me..mihir says is it conceivable to miss somebody whom I didn’t see or meet, or sitting tight for somebody about whom I knew nothing, and says I am sounding insane, and says I saw a young lady in dreams, however didn’t see her face and miss her and needs to meet her. sumitra considers Mahir and bela. Mihir says I precisely don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on? Sumitra reviews baba’s words that they will meet one another and will have the skin pigmentation on their bodies.

Shravani is resting in her room, when she hears wind murmurs sound. Snake entrances her with certain forces. Shravani pursues the snake into the wilderness. Sarika awakens and makes Mukesh wake up. She takes a major blade and requests that he come. Numerous snakes come there. Sarika and Mukesh go to Shravani’s room and sings a cheerful birthday melody. They switch on the lights, yet couldn’t see her there. They get stunned and call her, however her telephone is in the room. All snakes go from that point.

Sarika inquires as to whether he recollects what Pandit had told when she was 3 years of age. Mukesh says yes. She says Pandit ji had said that Shravani had a major change in her life which we never thought of. Mukesh says he additionally said that she will remember something which she had overlooked. Sarika says he had said that we will be vulnerable. Mukesh says Pandit ji’s words shook us. Shravani is strolling in daze and comes infront of Mihir’s vehicle. Mihir stops his vehicle. Mohit says this is a similar young lady who has fixed our vehicle. Rohan says on the off chance that she is smashed. Mihir keeps hand on her shoulder and asks do you recollect that we met that day.

She gets flashes of Mahir and her. She leaves daze and takes a gander at Mihir. She gets sad eyes. Mohit says don’t stress, in the event that one young lady overlook you, and says 1000’s recall you, one is sitting in Pub… Tania. Mihir inquires as to whether she is fine and requests that her tell. They request that he abandon her and come to bar. Mihir asks would i be able to drop you some place. Mohit sasy recovery. They ask Mihir to come. Shravani takes a gander at Mihir. Sarika says Shravani is our girl and nothing will happen to her. Shravani goes to the sanctuary Mahadev sanctuary.

She ventures inside the sanctuary. Mukesh says I have no clue about what will occur, however I realize that a major change will happen which will change her and we can’t recognize her at that point. Sarika asks him not to tell that and says when she returned home and talked pleasantly to us. I thought Pandit ji’s words won’t work out. Mukesh says something very similar will happen which is in our little girl’s fate. Shravani is stopping. A major mammoth snake encompasses her. She progresses toward becoming snake and after that comes in Bela’s symbol. She leaves daze and takes a gander at herself and her garments.

Rohan prods Mihir. Mohit says you are harming Tania and inquires as to why you would prefer not to wed Tania. Why you are harming her and making her extremely upset. Mihir reveals to Tania that I can’t love you. Tania asks him not to embarrass her openly. She inquires as to whether he don’t love you. Mihir says I do, yet… Mihir moves to the table and says I cherish Bela. Tania is vexed. Mohit asks who is Bela and requests that he proceed to persuade her. Mihir says I adore you Tania. His companions request that he propose her by twisting down on his knees. Tania says you would prefer not to wed me and needs me to settle down with another person.

He says it isn’t that way. She says let it be. He twists down on his knees and proposes her for marriage. Tania gets upbeat and says I will wed you. She says I adore you to such an extent. She says I realize you won’t hurt me, and took Bela’s name to make me envious. She embraces him. Shravani as bela begins moving and doing Tandav. She tumbles down and reviews wind making her wear crown. She reviews Mahir totally and how Tamsee murdered them.

She hopped off the precipice with Mahir and how Tamsee executed them. She accepting resurrection as Shravani. She rubs something on her and moves. She tumbles down again and reviews Sumitra endeavoring to consume Mahir. Shravani says she is Naagin, Icchadhari Naagin and came to deliver retribution and to get back the Naagmani, and to crush everybody who had grabbed her affection. She turns out to be half naagin and guaranteed Mahir that they need to meet and join together, and that she will meet him once more. She says you can’t leave your guarantee, and you need to meet me Mahir ji.

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