Naagin 4 May 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Tamsee Kills Bela & Mahir

Written Update: Naagin 4 May 2019 Season 3 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shravani and Mihir taking a gander at one another while she originates from under the vehicle. Tere sang pyaar me melody plays. Mohit says you are a young lady. Shravani says I am a young lady even now, and tells that young lady can do anything. Mihir says he intends to state, the young lady doesn’t do. She inquires as to why, if a young lady can make haircuts, roti and so forth. She says she heard that 4 folks can’t fix the vehicle so she came to helped them.

Mohit expresses gratitude toward her. She says it doesn’t mind, this is truly my left-hand work. Entryway chime rings. Kanika says who may have come. Her significant other says kids informed that they will set aside some effort to come and goes to open the entryway. He opens the entryway and sees Amber Didi. Golden Didi says she was thumping on the entryway since long. Kanika asks where is DM? Golden Didi says she is drained. She says no person came in her

life, yet seniority came. Kanika gives her water. Golden Didi says you need to realize where is she? She says I have murdered her. They ask what? She says I realize you will think that way and says for what reason do you confide in her, don’t know from where she came. Kanika’s significant other says she has done as such much for us.

She tells that you never scrutinized her and purchased this house on her colloquialisms. Kanika’s better half says we got a decent arrangement. Golden didi says you individuals let the old administrator and his significant other remain here, on her colloquialism. Kanika says they were distant from everyone else so they let them remain. Golden didi says until I am alive, I will be without wanting to adhere to my words.

Entryway chime rings. Golden did brings aarti thinking Mohit and Mihir came, yet Sumitra/DM comes there. Golden didi is going to drop plate, yet Sumitra holds it and state she came as the flight she told is late. Golden didi inquires as to why they give them more esteem. Sumitra says she is stating right. Golden didi asks until when they will remain here.

Sumitra says she says their home was broken referring to unlawful and that is the reason I asked Samarjeet to give them a chance to remain here and take lease. Kanika says its alright, they can remain here. Golden gets annoyed with them. Sumitra says they will live whether they need. Mihir, Mohit, Tania and companions get back home. They welcome one another. Mihir embraces DM. They advise about going to naag haveli and the abnormal guard. Sumitra gets stunned.

She inquires as to whether he heard anything or saw any reflection. Mihir says might be, and says it may be his creative energy. He embraces her and goes. Sumitra believes naagrani’s revile is going to end soon. Shravani is headed and tells that she helped some folks and fixed their vehicle. Her mum requests that her come quick. Shravani asks her not to hold blade and so forth. Her mum giggles and finishes the call. While she is going, she hears wind sound. She endeavors to check and falls in the huge pit. A few snakes come there. Shravani is terrified.

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