Naagin 30 March 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Vish Gets Worried

Written Update: Naagin 30 March 2019 Season 3 Written Update, today written update on

The Episode begins with Doctor going to Bela’s space to check her. Vish gets stressed and discloses to Vikrant that Sumitra called Doctor there, with the goal that she can check Bela. She requests that he go there and occupy Doctor, so she can change her symbol and reach there. Vikrant asks her not to take pressure and tells that he will occupy them and after that Bela from that point. Vish says Hukum’s men is there ground floor and requests that he be cautious. Vikrant requests that her quiet down and be serene. He goes out. Hokum’s men stop him. Vikrant says I am simply going there. Hukum comes in front of him and asks what are you saying?

Vikrant says don’t I reserve the privilege to move between different rooms. Hukum says I will give you the privilege and says he is known for his evilness. He undermines him to murder him and asks him not to do any misstep. He requests that he recall that his eyes are on him generally. Vikrant thinks how to help Bela now. Sumitra and specialist come first floor. Specialist says Patient is fine, yet powerless. Rohini gets some information about her condition. Vikrant thinks to assault Doctor. Specialist says she is pregnant. Hukum gets cheerful and requests that her go. He discloses to Vikrant that his Ansh is in Bela and tells that yesterday three Bela came in front of him, yet he discovers his Bela and made her Andhka’s mum.

Vikrant looks upset. Sumitra goes to bring desserts. Vish thinks Bela is likewise pregnant and thinks Hukum will not realize that she is bearing his youngster. Bela checks the pregnancy strip and supposes she knew it. She supposes she can’t come clean to Mahir else he will remove her, and now she needs to help Vish and Vikrant. He supposes her infant will be great like Mahir and will repel all cynicism from her. Vish discovers her child bump expanding in its size and hears Andhra requesting that her spare him. Vish grins and says you are sheltered with your mum. Vikrant and Bela come there. He says Bela dealt with everything. Vish says I know and saw everything. Vikrant asks how could you do this? Bela says everybody believes that I am his child’s mom and all consideration is on me.

Does Vikrant say they need to make everything fine and asks Vish what was the deal? Bela asks did you hear what we said. Bela says something regarding the dramatization. Bela says the dramatization which we are playing a result of Hukum and says we will dispose of it soon. Vish asks from what? Vikrant says we are discussing Andhka, this infant and asks where is she lost? Vikrant says we need to slaughter this fiend before he is conceived. Vishaka says no and asks them not to set out doing this. She says no one will do anything with this child. Bela says this is Hukum’s infant and not yours. Vish says this is my child, who is in my belly, so he is mine. Vikrant and Bela are stunned. Vish says no one will hurt my infant and asks them not to set out. Vikrant inquires as to whether she is distraught and tells that he isn’t our child, says he is Andhka.

How might you overlook what Hukum did with you? Vish pushes him asking him not to contact her and tells that this infant is mine, and tells his dad is shrewd, and that doesn’t imply that my child will be malevolent. She says my child will be a decent human, I will give him a decent childhood and will make him stroll on the correct way holding his little fingers and will make everything fine. Bela says his little hands will get your neck and you won’t know and requests that her endeavor to get it. She says this isn’t a normal kid who will call you maa, walk holding your hand, cover up in your pallu. She says this isn’t the result of your and Vikrant’s adoration, and asks her not to constrain her to tell how Hukum left his Ansh in her, and says this is fiend’s child and will turn into a child. Vish says he is my child and asks what is her concern, and says you can’t see my joy.

Vikrant asks the end result for her. Vish says Bela is having an issue with her. She tells that she is content with her child, and couldn’t impart the uplifting news to everybody. She says you both need to slaughter my child. Vikrant requests that her stop it and asks her not to call the child as hers, and says bela is stating right. She says this child will end your life. Vish says I have no risk with my child, yet he has peril with you both. Bela says Vish. Vish begins conversing with her child and advises that nothing will transpire. She says Mamma will spare you. Vikrant inquires as to whether she will conflict with them. Vish asks what you would have done in the event that you was pregnant. She says she is doing likewise which he would have done.

Bela says we will sit and talk. Vish says you need to design my child’s passing and requests that they avoid her. She says in the event that anything happens to my child, at that point, I will disclose to Hukum that I was with him on that day with him in the haveli and not Bela, at that point, he will kill you both. Vikrant gets stunned and inquires as to for what reason are you taking his name, and requests that her stop her absurdity. He says Hukum will slaughter you like he executed Huzur. Vish says that case is unique and says I will be his child’s mom and is sheltered. She requests that they be far from her. Bela is stunned. Vikrant goes behind Vish.

Vish supposes they need to murder her infant and says she won’t let anything transpire. Vikrant inquires as to whether she has gone distraught to think them as foes and advises her that he is fallen angel infant. Vish pushes him to divider and damages him, says my infant isn’t fallen angel. She says don’t come infront of me. Vikrant demonstrates his snake eyes. Vish says I am an amazing icchardhari/shapeshifting naagin and has a ground-breaking child in my belly. She asks him not to set out. Vikrant says I will execute him for your security. Vish holds his neck and lifts him a bit. Bela comes and stops her. Vish compromises them and request that they avoid her.

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