Naagin 28 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Bela & Mahir Reincarnated As Shravani And Mihir

Written Update: Naagin 28 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update on

The Episode begins with the woman’s better half Mukesh asking her how could she realize that they will have the infant young lady. She says she just felt, don’t have the foggiest idea why? Tamsee cries and acts, saying my mummy and dad got lost and her mummy was pregnant. A few men hear her. Tamsee asks where is my mummy and father. The general population tells that they have seen a couple. Tamsee asks where is my sister? They ask how could she know? Tamsee demonstrates her bruised eyes.

They get terrified and says that way and goes. In the cabin, Baby begins turning blue. Her folks get stressed for her. Tamsee, Sumitra and others go to the cabin and get some information about the child and her folks. Daai tells that the child was unwell so they took her to clinic. Tamsee gets furious and demonstrates bruised eyes. They get frightened. Sumitra requests that her quiet down what’s more, they leave. Tamsee comes some place. She sees a couple there. The woman inquires as to whether she has any medical aid enclose her vehicle as her child got damage.

Naagin 28 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update

Tamsee inquires as to whether I am your Servant? Her significant other admonishes her. Tamsee says sorry. She sees mark on his temple. The kid’s sibling tells that he fears fire. Tamsee takes fire close to the kid. His folks stop him. Tamsee inquires as to whether he fears fire. His sibling says yes. Tamsee says she will bring the medical aid box. She comes to Sumitra and others and tells that she has looked Mahir. Sumitra says Bela will come behind us.

Following 24 years: Mahir as Mihir is with his companions in the jeep and singing tune. Tania asks him not to drink in vehicle. She asks Mohit to make Mihir get it. Mihir says rules are for the driver. Mohit requests that he make him drink something. They contend. Tania says it was Mohit’s test that whoever loses will take us to slope top. Mohit says he needs to go to office. He says campfire is there on the peak. Tania asks him not to prod Mihir. Mihir sees haveli and asks Mohit to take them there.

Mukesh and his significant other Sarika discusses his little girl, who is striking, straight forward and not scared of anybody. Sarika asks did you see her garments? He asks her not to contend and says lets watch motion picture. Simply then power goes, they discover somebody outside the house and think cheat is outside. Their little girl Shravani/Bela’s rebirth comes there and chuckles. She tells that she has taken a shot at her App and once she offers it, they will have huge house and so on. She brings a small scale of the house, and says she brought her first pay. Sarika values her. Mukesh says she was abusing about her.

Mihir says Rohan is sensitive to clean, gives up home. Mohit says we will go. Tania and others attempt to stop Mihir. Mohit’s jeep is punctured. They think it is wind first. Mohit says this haveli needs us to investigate us. Tania asks the end result for him. Mihir says don’t have the foggiest idea where they will locate the specialist. Tania says I remain in your home since youth and we know one another. She inquires as to whether something isn’t right. He says we are remaining out and about and this isn’t right. He requests that her accompany him to look Mechanic. Mohit, Rohan and other companion go to the haveli and ask chudail, bhoot to open the entryway.

Mihir is coming there. They get stressed hearing the strides. Mihir comes and says technician is coming. Mohit requests that he push the entryway. Mihir contacts the entryway and it opens with his touch. They all are shocked and says entryway opened with his touch. Mohit says haveli may like our fattu. Everybody get inside. Mihir gets inside last and a few flashes. He keeps hand on his head. Tania requests that he come. Mihir sees Ruhi’s pic. Tania is going to contact Shivangi’s edge, when an elderly person comes there and says no. They go to the man. Tania requests that he avoid Mihir as he fears fire.

The man says people will get executed by the flame. He tells about Ichchadhari naag and naagin and requests that they keep the sound low. Mihir requests that he call naag and naagin and state they will do poocha… Man says our naagrani is dead while sparing her significant other in a difficult passing. Tania gets some information about her pic. Man says it is inside. Tania demands to see. They head inside and see Ruhi’s pic. They state she is hot. Tania says you will not discussion such things about lady. She discovers Vish’s pic and calls Mihir.

Mihir’s folks calls his significant other Kanika and says DM is bringing her. She says for what reason did you send DM to bring Didi. He compliments her. She says I simply love Didi and says she don’t care for her conduct towards her children. She says DM has discovered this house for us, and says everything is great since we came here, and says she is benevolent and doesn’t consider any other person. Her significant other is going to eat desserts, yet she requests that he hold it back. He says I have sent DM to bring Didi. He says he will persuade DM and Didi. He asks where are my children?

Mihir draws close to the photograph edge and pulls the fabric from the casing. He sees some artistic creation. He calls Tania/Tania and requests that her come there. Simply then the casing tumbles down and he sees Bela’s depiction secured with a fabric. He is going to move the fabric when Mohit comes there and requests that he come. Rohan finds the naagin in the work of art moving her eye balls. Elderly person says these depiction get moved when somebody unique comes.

Mihir gets some information about the last naagrani and asks how could she look? Elderly person requests that they leave. They leave. He says I attempt to ward off you from reality, however you come here frequently. They return to the vehicle and locate the technician as yet fixing the vehicle. Tania says gives up back. Mihir says no chance, frame of mind fellow is there. Elderly person shuts the haveli entryway. They think to get wine and young lady. Mihir prods him. Mihir hears sanctuary ringer ringing and is strolling. Bela is doing puja there. Tania asks what’s happening with you? Mihir says that the young lady is doing puja. Tania says I can’t see and says I think you are drink. Mihir takes a gander at there.

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