Naagin 27th April 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Tamsee Kills Bela & Mahir

Written Update: Naagin 27th April 2019 Season 3 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Tamsee asking Bela not to invite her, and says you realize what onTamsee needs and requests that her give naagmani and says she will leave Mahir alive. Mahir asks Bela not to hear Tamsee. Tamsee influences her eyes to darken and is going to make Mahir fall in the flame. Bela yells and requests that her stop. Tamsee requests that her bring Naagmani quick and assaults Vish and Vikrant, and makes them tumbled down. Bela says I can’t give anything a chance to transpire, Mahir ji and runs. Tamsee flies in air.

Rohini says this is the correct minute to kill them. Simply then Vish and Vikrant chomp them. Alek and Rohini tumble down oblivious. Sumitra asks Tamsee to see Vish and Vikrant and says they will spare Mahir. Tamsee pours fire on Vish and Vikrant and hurt them. Bela goes to Bholenath’s sanctuary and tells that she needs his Naagmani to spare Mahir’s life. She requests that he give the naagmani and says she will return it in the wake of sparing Mahir ji. She requests that he acknowledge her petitions and give naagmani. She rings the sanctuary chimes and afterward moves. A substantial tempest comes. Bela quits moving and cries.

Bholenath acknowledges her petitions. Naagmani gets shines on Bholenath’s temple, flies in air and comes in bela’s grasp. Bela expresses gratitude toward Bholenath and requests that he give some vardaan that detestable Tamsee couldn’t utilize this Naagmani. She says she will return it once Mahir is spared, and says I won’t let anything transpire. Bum bole. Tamsee harms Vish and Vishaka with flame balls. They black out. Tamsee asks Sumitra to slaughter Mahir. Simply then Bela conveys Naagmani and asks Tamsee to stop. She handovers Naagmani to her. Mahir yells no Bela. Tamsee requests that her spare her significant other on the off chance that she can and makes her eyes dark. She liberates Mahir. Mahir and Bela are running in the wilderness. Tamsee is upbeat that she got Naagmani. Sumitra inquires as to for what reason did you abandon them. Tamsee requests that her see them.

Vikrant and Vish are in the wilderness. Vish requests that he hold her down else she will squeeze his neck. He holds her down. She embraces him and says sorry. She says they need to seek Mahir and Bela. Bela discloses to Mahir that she couldn’t spare Naagmani, Bholenath won’t excuse her. Mahir asks her not to stress. They walk and draw close to the precipice. They look down in the valley. Tamsee is flying high noticeable all around grasping the Naagmani and chuckles. She descends and says until when you will run, you will get a superb passing. Mahir asks bela not to leave his hand. Bela says never. They hop from the bluff in the waterway.

Tamsee grins and assaults them with flame while they are tumbling down. Vish and Vikrant are looking Mahir and Bela. Vikrant moves toward becoming snake and endeavors to go out and finds that Tamsee has secured them in a similar spot. Vish says we need to call Juhi with Naagtarangs. Vikrant says nothing will occur and advises that Tamsee sent her men to Juhi. Vish says Tamsee will slaughter everybody and our Naaglok, we need to accomplish something. Bela and Mahir fall in the waterway.

Bela sees blood on his temple and inquires as to whether she is fine. Tamsee tumbles down the precipice and flies in air. She inquires as to whether he passed on or not? Bela requests that her face her and says I will battle with you as a youngster. Tamsee requests that her quit calling her tyke else… ..She says I know why you are calling me close you and says you will get demise.

She says I will execute both my Maasa and Maasi. She shoots Mahir and bela with weapon. Mahir asks Bela to hold the wood log and says you should be alive, run with this log. Bela says no and says I will get furious on the off chance that you do this. Mahir requests that her hear him out this time. Bela requests that he go holding the log and says I won’t go from here. I can’t remain without you and says you must be alive for me. Mahir says my child will turn into our memory of affection. Bela says no.

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