Naagin 21 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Bela’s Plan & Attempts To Kill Mahir

Written Update: Naagin 21 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bela telling others that Tamsee drinks something before dusk and she drinks it with no contention. She says perhaps it is some home grown fluid. Mahir discloses to them that Tamsee isn’t in her room, I have checked the recording quite recently. Vish says we will proceed to check the glass. They go to Tamsee’s room and discover the glass. Bela smells it and says I knew it, it is a home grown root which she is drinking to pick up quality which she drinks every day. Vish says she will end up frail in the event that we don’t let her beverage. Vikrant asks Vish not to stress and tells that Bela is Naagrani and won’t do anything amiss with anybody.

Bela says precisely, I won’t let anything incorrectly occur with her, however, we need to control her until she prepares to go to her reality. Mahir inquires as to whether she will consent to go. bela says we need to influence her to comprehend this isn’t her reality. She says we will prevent her from having this home grown juice. Does Mahir say where we will keep it? Bela says I have a thought. Mahir, Bela, and Vikrant are sitting in the corridor when the doorbell rings. Vish opens the entryway. A few residents come there and advise that they thought to do Maha yagya on account of the ongoing happenings, and that is the reason they came to welcome her as she is Naagrani and generally amazing.

Tamsee comes there and asks do you think Bela is amazing. The men state yes and request that her head inside and drink water. Tamsee yells and says she is the most dominant. The man says we don’t have a clue about your name. Tamsee says my other name is Andhka and tells that she is insidious. They tell that they know Bela as Shakti symbol. Tamsee says she is Kali Shakti symbol and tells that she will come there and heads inside. Mahir says everything is occurring as per the arrangement. Sumitra calls originators to demonstrate dresses to Tamsee. Tamsee doesn’t care for the dress and tosses on the floor. She consumes the dress stunning them. Bela says possibly somebody is bringing the fluid for her. Originator asks her not to consume the dress as it is exorbitant. Tamsee says I will consume something more affordable and consumes the originator.

The fashioner moves toward becoming slag. Tamsee moves. Bela peruses a few mantras and makes the architect alive and signs her to go. Mahir says Tamsee is irate. Vikrant says she resembles her mom Vish. Other creator demonstrates the dresses and says this will look great. Tamsee tells that she doesn’t care for light shading dresses. The originator demonstrates the red dress. Tamsee says she loves it. Sumitra asks truly and says it is great. Vish says the dress isn’t great. Bela says her mom’s design sense is superior to hers.

Tamsee requests that Designer keep running until she tallies three. The architect is frightened and runs out. Mahir and Vikrant see Rohini bringing a few herbs. They sign Vish and Bela. They all go outside the kitchen. Rohini says don’t have the foggiest idea what Tamsee beverages, and supposes she has turned out to be unpaid Servant. She supposes to include some high temp water. Vikrant goes to the kitchen and discloses to Rohini that Tamsee is upsetting them a ton. He says despite the fact that we are from various groups, Tamsee has turned out to be disturbing.

Rohini says Sumi made her Servant of Tamsee. Vikrant says Sumi will make her Daai of Tamsen’s kids. She says that young lady will be sent to boarding. Vish and Bela come there and endeavor to change the glass. Sumitra comes there and inquires as to why they came there. Vish says there is no Laxman Rekha here. Vikrant calls Sumitra as surpanakha. Sumitra requests that he see his face. She asks Vish to turn.

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