Naagin 19 May 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Rithvik Dances with Bela

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The Episode begins with Vish disclosing to Rocky that she is considering land development for her business. Rough says wow and requests the music. Rithvik asks Bela to hit the dance floor with him. They move. Rough hit the dance floor with Vish, while Rithvik hits the dance floor with Bela. Primary toh tere naal nachna. Bela reveals to Vish that they are insatiable. Rough discloses to Rithvik that they are exceptionally rich. After the move, Rithvik and Rocky offer wine to Vish and Bela. Rough gets some information about the land. Vish gets some information about the cost of the land. Bela says 200-250 crores in Madh island.

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Vish says I don’t think a lot about the property, however, it is the excellent sanctuary property and it is father’s property and she is thinking to redevelop. Rough ideas to band together with her. She says she has cash and would prefer not to share the benefit. She pardons herself requesting that they take move exercises also. Rough and Rithvik think she is having a frame of mind. Rough says we will move toward becoming accomplices and will alter benefit someplace. Bela reveals to Vish that they are coming behind us. Rithvik and Rocky idea to turn into a join force with less benefit. Vish requests that they go to a party outside the sanctuary. They concur. Vish and Bela leave.

Rough and Rithvik come to the haveli and supposes it is a great property. Bela and Vish consider them and demonstrate their twisted eyes and skin. Bela says they are not business relates and asks them to tell for what valid reason did they slaughter Maha Naagrani. They tell that they didn’t slaughter anybody and yell for assistance. At that point Rithvik inquires as to whether they feel that they are terrified of them and chuckles. Rough says we would prefer not to murder you because of your excellence. Rithvik says center, their excellence is fatal. Rough says we need to bring them here else.

Naagin 19 May 2019

Rithvik says what do you believe that we don’t think about this secretive haveli. Rough says in the event that you believe that we will enlighten you regarding the mystery of your naagrani passing then we won’t let you know. They ask Bela and Vish to turn and thinks back. Alek and Rohini come and requests that they do their work. Sumitra comes and calls them bahuranis, and says you can’t go now. Bela asks her not to demonstrate frame of mind. Sumitra says I am not the only one and calls Tamsee. Tamsee comes there with Mahir, and he is tied with her detestable forces. Mahir says Sumitra and Tamsee will be embarrassed about themselves to swindle him. Tamsee says she won’t be influenced. Bela says all of you are here under a similar asylum and says now scores will be settled at one go.

Rohini inquires as to whether she is changing her skin. Tamsee says your diversion is finished. She asks them to Bela and Vish ask Rithvik and Rocky for what reason did they murder the naagrani. Rithvik and Rocky snicker and says we won’t tell. Sumitra asks Rohini and Alek to drag Mahir and tie them. They tie him. Bela asks again for what valid reason did you murder Maha naagrani. Sumitra says Shravani is exhausting like Bela and asks Rithvik and Rocky to take a stab at Bela. Vish cautions them to avoid her Naagrani, and battles with them. Sumitra and others join the battle. Rohini and Sumitra slap Bela over and over.

Naagin 19 May 2019

Bela and Vish tumble down. Vish asks Bela for what valid reason you are giving them a chance to overwhelm you. bela says for a cryptic mission and asks her not to stress. Tamsee holds Bela and hits her head on the column and attempts to strangulate her. Sumitra attaches Vish to the chain over the ground close by Mahir. Sumitra tells harmed Bela that they needn’t bother with her now and have plan B which will make naagmani ‘s powers stirred. A snake charmer comes there. Sumitra says he is Shahnawaz Sapera’s master. Tamsee approaches Bela to see naagmani once and for all. Sumitra requests that she think it as an arrival blessing. Tamsee tosses the naagmani towards Rocky. Rough snickers and tosses Naagmani close Rithvik. He gets it and tosses to Sumitra and others.

Bela takes a gander at Mahir and considers in the event that we don’t meet in this birth, at that point we will meet in next birth or so on. Sumitra hits Bela on her eyes and makes her tumbles down. An overwhelming tempest comes. Every one of the wrongs continues attempting to hold themselves. The huge drapery from Shivangi’s representation falls on Bela. Bela opens her eyes and sees Shivangi’s picture. Rithvik and Rocky who is taking cover behind the columns holding it see the picture. Others likewise observe it. The entryway of the sanctuary opens.

Naagin 19 May 2019

Vish and Mahir become confident. Bela is oblivious. Shivangi mends her damage and makes her fine. Bela opens her eyes and gets up. She takes a gander at Shivangi shockingly. She says Maha Naagrani. Shivangi says I can’t see this event with Naagrani. Rithvik says Shivangi… you have returned, I thought you kicked the bucket with our hands. Rough asks did you come to render retribution? Shivangi says I came to ensure her. Sumitra says you came to ensure her and got caught herself. Tamsee says I am terrified of her and giggles. They all chuckle. Sumitra asks who gave you naagrani and maha naagrani name. She says we did this to trap you.

Rithvik says my little girl returned. Rough says I miss you so much Shivangi. Shivangi asks Rithvik for what valid reason did he murder his own little girl. She asks Rocky for what good reason did he slaughter her who cherished her to such an extent. Rough says Rithvik gave you birth and has the option to murder you. Rithvik requests that her ask her bholenath. Rough says I never adored you so I never double-crossed you. Shivangi says you would have abandoned me. Rithvik says he moved toward becoming damad. Rough says I sent you in arthi. Tamsee requests that they make Naagmani revile free and after that do anything you desire or murder Rithvik and Rocky. Rithvik asks what did you say?

Sumitra asks Shivangi to contact naagmani. Rithvik and Rocky state on the off chance that you don’t contact naagmani, at that point we will execute you again and chuckles. Bela asks do you imagine that you can execute her. Sumitra asks Shivangi to contact naagmani. Shivangi denies until it is in their grasp. Sumitra says I am exhausted with you young ladies and calls for excitement. Snake charmer plays woodwind… .Sumitra thinks once the naagrani moves, she will make her touch naagmani and make it revile free. Bela and Shivangi begin moving on the melody primary teri dushman. Rocky keeps the naagmani close to Shivangi’s hand and makes it revile free when she contacts it Accidently. He says I got the naagmani and requests that everybody state Rocky ki Jai. He says I am excessively great and expresses gratitude toward Shivangi. Sumitra grins. Rough tosses the naagmani in air and Shivangi gets it. Bela asks them not to have a go at drawing close to them and says you can’t get anything with avarice. Mahir requests that they check turn around commencement.

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