Naagin 13 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Bela & Others Celebrate Holi

Written Update: Naagin 13 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Mahir, Bela, Vish, and Vikrant seeing the young lady in the room. Vish asks who are you? Sumitra comes and inquires as to whether she couldn’t perceive her own blood. She requests that they make proper acquaintance with Tamsee. She says she is Hukum’s little girl. Vish says Tamsee, Tamsee asks who are you? Vish takes a seat and takes a gander at her inwardly. She embraces her calling her little girl. Tamsee looks on with hostile stares and looks furiously. Bela, Mahir, and Vikrant take a gander at her.

Vish endeavors to make her wear memento which Aghori baba gave her, yet Tamsee pushes her. Sumitra says I neglected to tell that Tamsee didn’t care for any outsider to contact her. They all are stunned. Vish says how she can become so quick. Bela says she isn’t a normal young lady. Vish says she is my little girl and says you said that she will be fine.

Naagin 13 April 2019 Season 3 Written Update

Bela says I thought. Mahir says she will end up grown-up soon. Vikrant says once she becomes grown-up, her underhanded forces will expand then it will be difficult to change her. Vish says she can change and asks Bela to ask Aghori baba. Bela says Tamsee won’t consent to go to him and says we have seen her underhanded power. Mahir says we won’t acknowledge rout and will win.

Mahir comes to meet Kuhu. Kuhu embraces him and takes him inside. Mahir asks how is Ruhi? Boltu says she resembles her mum and embraces him. Mahir expresses gratitude toward Boltu for helping them and tells that Hukum’s infant have turned out to be 5 years of age. He says they need our assistance and requests that her come. Kuhu says no and heads inside. She applies Tilak to Mahir and wishes him upbeat holi. Mahir says glad holi and guarantees that there is no reason to worry this holi.

Boltu inquires as to myself? she applies holi shading to him. Tamsee is playing with robot toy. Vikrant comes and plays with her. Tamsee requests that he abandon her toy. Vish comes there and plays with them. She asks Tamsee to support her, and tells that she couldn’t achieve the toy. Tamsee plays with the toy and does hifive with Vish. She at that point looks evilly and says she doesn’t care for anybody contact, yet as she is playing with her, it is alright.

Vish sees her grinning. Tamsee likewise grins. Bela tosses holi shading on Sumitra and wishes her upbeat holi calling her sasumaa. She at that point applies shading to her. Sumitra gets bothered. Boltu plays with Rohini. Sumitra comes and requests that he go. She takes her to reflect. Rohini yells taking a gander at herself in the mirror.

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