Naagin 12 May 2019 Season 3 Written Update – Hukum Leaves Bela, will Return To Him?

Written Update: Naagin 12 May 2019 Season 3 Written Update on

She says she will sprinkle hues in the house. He requests that she stop it. She says your decision is awful among young ladies. Yuvi says how might you take it coolly and says Huzur was so near Hukum, yet he murdered her. He says would it say it isn’t stunning? Sumitra says no and requests that he toss Huzur’s dead body in the dustbin and says then I will get some harmony. Vish gains cognizance. Vikrant says who is this Hukum, he gave you hazardous injuries which aren’t mending with any natural roots. They consider Bela.

Naagin 12 May 2019 Season 3

Bela asks Hukum to abandon her and approaches in the event that he is doing this for naagmani. Hukum says I will abandon you and will turn out to be incredible in the wake of getting you, I will end up being the most dominant, and will get beneficiary. He says I can get that stone/naagmani whenever my genuine intention is you. Vikrant and Vish look them in the wilderness.

Yuvi returns home. Sumitra inquires as to whether he has tossed Huzur in the dustbin. He says yes and says on the off chance that Hukum can execute Huzur, at that point who are we? Sumitra says we are helping me. Yuvi inquires as to why you are working for him, this is sufficient and says he can slaughter us as well. Sumitra says Ruhi conflicted with Hukum and requests that he recollects, where she went. Vish and Vikrant look for Bela and achieve one another. Vish says for what reason did you both let me bite the dust, and says Bela shouldn’t deal with herself to him.

Naagin 12 May 2019 Season 3

Vikrant says Bela indicated trust on us and told that in the event that we are protected, at that point can spare her. Vish says where we can discover her and tells that there is no piece of information. Vikrant tells that the fallen angel is certainly not a human or snake and tells that he is an evil presence who is conceived in thousands of years. He says he comprehended when he discussed Andhakasur. He says Bholenaath favored Bela to slaughter him and she will murder him. Vish says in the event that she gets feeble in view of the fluid then. Vikrant says, at that point, all world will be demolished.

Bela is strolling with Hukum quietly. He asks did you acknowledge rout and says it is great that you have comprehended? Bela pushes him and he tumbles down. Bela moves toward becoming a snake and slithers away. Hukum yells Naagrani. Sumitra gets the room beautified with the blooms. Yuvi inquires as to why she brought blossoms. Sumitra says she is making the game plans for Andy’s nephew. She says gives up out.

Mahir is stressed for Bela. Bela comes there as a snake and winds up human. Mahir embraces her and inquires as to whether she is fine. Bela says he was so awful, I would prefer not to discuss him. Mahir says sorry and says I consented to your adage and let you go. He says I will go with you generally and won’t let you go alone. Mahir requests that her guarantee. Bela says she is extremely eager. Mahir says I will get something for you to eat. Vish and Vikrant return home.

Vish cries and reveals to Mahir that they discovered her all over, yet couldn’t discover her. Bela comes and asks how are you? Mahir says she came to previously and asks Vish the end result for her neck. Vish and Vikrant get astounded and state you realize that Hukum did this. Bela says I recall and says I am asking as our injuries get recuperated quick. Hukum takes unique bela to the cavern and he got her back. He discloses to her that counterfeit Bela contacted her better half at this point and may impart bed to your significant other. Bela says Mahir will remember him. He takes out some jug and showers in the earth. Bela yells and asks who is he?

Huzur says I am darling and this is my appearance. He takes numerous symbol. Counterfeit Bela asks Vish and Vikrant what is their arrangement? Vish says we figured you may tell. Bela says no. Mahir says I have an arrangement. Counterfeit Bela asks him not to give any proposal and tell that they are naag and naagin and will deal with. Vish, Vikrant, and Mahir get suspicious about her. Mahir hits on Vish’s leg. Vish says we can’t battle with him. Counterfeit Bela says truly, we can’t battle. Mahir, Vish and Vikrant take a gander at one another. Mahir discloses to Vikrant that they will have wine and asks Vish to give him a chance to drink today.

Counterfeit bela says she will bring ice. Vish goes to the kitchen following her. She reveals to her that she made a rundown about Huzur. He tells that Huzur is an icchadhari naag and his nails are noxious. Counterfeit Bela says yes. Vikrant asks mahir for what good reason did he talk about, when they don’t drink. Mahir says Bela realized that I don’t drink at that point additionally went to bring ice. He says she is phony Bela, and sham. He asks Vikrant to illuminate Vish and convey her to his room. Vikrant calls Vish and educates her the equivalent. Counterfeit Bela comes to Mahir. Mahir acts to get sentimental and requests that her state I adore you. She says I cherish you. He takes her to the room.

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